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Techfui Records / TFUI001

Front View : Pawas - FROZEN EMOTIONS EP - Techfui Records / TFUI001
Back View : Pawas - FROZEN EMOTIONS EP - Techfui Records / TFUI001

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Everyones expression is unique, interesting and a collaborated product of lifes experiences, so is the music, the art and the vision. We carry this essence in everything that is TECHFUI. Our label brings family, friends and fresh talents together, and is built on a strong relationship around the people and their talents. We stay true to our roots, traditions and culture, always forward thinking and cutting edge. During the development of the label direction and ideology evolving from the existing brand, we carefully picked our first few family members. The artists were picked to fit the ideology in both musical and personal character. Pawas is someone we have admired for a while for his work ethic and talent. His multicultural background was a nice mix into the equation as we push to bring together and collaborate with artists from various regions and influences.

Pawas describes a very interesting story for the release:

I woke up late at night looking for milk in the fridge, my emotions were frozen as i found out there was no milk, but there was yogurt.
- @Pawas

Title Track Frozen Emotions we knew straight away was the perfect track for the launch release of our label. It feels rightfully a cinematic introduction to Techfui with a great composition of synths and strings that carry through and draw the listener to their story. The Frozen Emotions Tool was included for artists to use as an intro or general DJ mix or Live tool. Yogurt projects a tougher jazzier side to Pawass repertoire with a careful build and warm intensity. No Milk is a definite emotional hidden gem with seducing synths leading the person to the floor. A perfect warm up track.
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