Ugur Project


12" Vinyl D

Robot Ranch / RRR007

Front View : Ugur Project - MAKE THIS HAPPEN EP - Robot Ranch / RRR007
Back View : Ugur Project - MAKE THIS HAPPEN EP - Robot Ranch / RRR007

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Robot Ranch Records 007 does not relate to James Bond but Ugur Project from Istanbul has truly the licence for killertracks. The ep includes four tracks, a grabbing quartet of electronic timelessness, wich can rarely be found in such concentrated form within the ocean of today releases. One definitely will hear, that Ugur Project is living his music with each breath. This, considering his huge number of releases also with other labels, makes this ep to something special.

Side A starts with Make This Happen – the eponym of this ep. This minimal house track will definitely left deep marks on the dancefloor.
It is followed by People Circulate, wich with it´s minimal context and lightly tendency to melancholy is well suited for warm ups and set closings after days and nights of dancing.
Sketches Of A Circuit, a classic house track works dignified with some old elements and creates a brilliant athmosphere with its clicks and cuts. Additionaly, countless voices in the background pretend a full dancefloor. It really is a track to float on and will make the audience take up the invitation to “dance”.
The ep is concluded by Society Failure, is a strong and charming piece of dub techno uniting “every kind of music and every kind of taste”. [info from mm]
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