Ben La Desh & Norm De Plume - GIVE TO RECEIVE EP

Ben La Desh & Norm De Plume


12" Vinyl UK

Plumage / Plumage03

Front View : Ben La Desh & Norm De Plume - GIVE TO RECEIVE EP (VINYL ONLY) - Plumage / Plumage03
Back View : Ben La Desh & Norm De Plume - GIVE TO RECEIVE EP (VINYL ONLY) - Plumage / Plumage03

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Norm De Plume enrols Rotterdam based Ben La Desh for a joint 4-track EP (vinyl-only). Theres an original track from each of them with both producers swapping remixes to round off this uniquely collaborative release.

Sales Information:

A1 Roll On sees Norm De Plume move into deeper territory - gone is the cut & loop sampling in favour of his own musical composition comprising simple synth melodies & chugging synth chords layered over organic, dusty drum patterns & a rolling bass line. The track then breaks to introduce a transposed extended bridge which builds and grooves along to the same 3 note melody, before dropping back to the original key & groove and the final outro section. Simple but effective we're sure you'll agree!

A2 Lotion is a return to the deep, slo-mo sounds of Ben La Desh at his finest. Tight, grooving drums support layer upon layer of lush pads and syncopated synth & guitar lines - all underpinned by a rumbling bassline with a beautiful jazz vocal on top that's both pretty and sad at the same time.

B1 Lotion (Norm De Plume Remix) Norm's take on Ben's original is sparse and deep, an extended intro featuring his signature hard-hitting & swinging drums supporting a lovely running guitar line from the original, present throughout. Things take a slightly dark turn with the introduction a heavily effected organ, before the bass drops and the track reveals itself in full.

B2 Roll On (Ben La Desh Remix) Ben's mix has his typical deep & tropical vibe. He's managed to retain the swinging and rolling feel of the original perfectly with his drums & synth parts but also introduced a melodic breakdown and running synth parts which both add a special & extra dimension.

DJ Feedback:

Jimpster - "Roll On is excellent and has the typical Plumage vibe. Slo-mo-sleazy-disco! The Norm De Plume remix is also brilliant. Subtle, deep as hell and fresh as a daisy."

The Revenge - "Great package … Lotion's the winner for me. Will play out for sure"

thatmanmonkz - "Wicked all round beatdown package! Tough to pick a clear fave on first pass, but, i'll go with the original of 'Roll On'...."

MermaidS: "Cracking release for Plumage.. Beautifully textured and deep with an exotic, adventurous rhythmic core. Been playing all the tracks excessively and still not bored..."

Shur-I-Kan - "Sounding good, favourite is perhaps the remix of Roll On ,it ruffles my deep house feathers!… but all good package all round. Will play!"

Dirt Crew: "Lotion" and "Roll On (Ben La Desh Remix)" are my fave… will def support!!

Matthias Reiling (Session Victim) - "Plumage 03 is fire, definitely my favourite Plumage so far!"

RSS Disco - "Excellent record - cant wait to get it in our hands!"

Paxton Fettel - "I love it man! really amazing.. Will play this for sure when i play in Copenhagen later this month."

Mark Farina - "Very Nice indeed" [txt from ]
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