Loversrock - MONSTER



12" Vinyl D

Amselcom / AMSEL004

Front View : Loversrock - MONSTER - Amselcom / AMSEL004
Back View : Loversrock - MONSTER - Amselcom / AMSEL004

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For Amselcom, London-based Jaya Shakira reworked the track in her fairy-like style, adding a piano that shows off the composition talent of Loversrock. For the remix of her rework Decalculator brought Iannis Ritter s smoky voice into the project. The artists achieve a calm, but poppy convergence, which fully does justice to the original Monster/by Loversrock. The b-side is a trip into oldschool sample based techno funk, containing the tracks Freak and Shade. Freak plants a funny but dangerous musical description of a techno enthusiast into your ears. The samples used in Shade sound like they could ve been recorded at the Zoo and present a variety of mystic sounds.

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