Nachtbraker - GUTE LAUNE EP



12" Vinyl D

Heist / Heist004

Front View : Nachtbraker - GUTE LAUNE EP - Heist / Heist004
Back View : Nachtbraker - GUTE LAUNE EP - Heist / Heist004

Ladies and gentleman, we would like to introduce to you, Nachtbraker (Dutch for Night Hawk)

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This energetic dude from our hometown might not be a familiar name to you, but don’t let that put you off. If you’re into the darker shades of deephouse with a serious chunk of funk, have a listen to this. Gute Laune is the track that really captures Nachtbraker’s style in all its facets. It starts of modest with basic percussion and a nice bended pad, but when the bassline comes in, every element in the track makes your head bop, ass shake en smile grow. The real kicker is the changeover where the long pads makes way for a set of filtered stabs that give the whole track the energetic vibe it deserves, without going overboard. The whole track just exudes the detailed way Nachtbraker produces his tracks, and we love him for it. Bluebottle is a wholly different animal. This track keeps a lower pace with a crunchy pad and mysterious synth setting the tone. With a lovely ever-changing bassline, a couple of changeovers in the percussion and a clever gate-effect on the pad, don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming this tune several hours after the first listen. Last but not least, there’s Xantippe. Xantippe is hard to classify because of it’s two-faced character. What starts of as an atmospheric broken beat dreamy tune, jumps into a raw burner after the break with a haunting buzzy loop. Bassface-WTF-material for the after hours. Nachtbraker delivers a quality EP that is definitely one for the heads, more than for those in search of peaktime bangers. We’re excited to share this solid slice of deephouse that represents everything we started the label for: Great music, no matter where it’s from or who made it. [txt from ]
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