Lula Circus & Nikko Gibler - TAKE ME. DONT BREAK ME EP

Lula Circus & Nikko Gibler


12" Vinyl D

Your Mamas Friend / YMF06

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For release number 006. Marcin Czubalas Your Mamas Friend looks to a production partnership that are based in both Italy and the United States … Lula Circus & Nikko Gibler.

Danilo Sardella and Sergio Frazzingaro aka Lula Circus, first came together as a musical experiment. From different musical backgrounds, the pair were keen to share new experiences and after some early success became an established project. Never wanting to be pigeonholed with their sound, Lula Circus have always sought to explore the wider spectrum of House Music, combining cinematic touches with swathes of synths and unique vocals. Their releases for Resopal, Catwash, Stranjjur and Culprit have already found favour with many of the biggest DJ names.

Nikko Gibler is still riding high from the success of his own Culprit release. Mays "LAX" ep produced with Matt Tolfrey and Lazaro Casanova has been making waves and alongside his releases and remixes for Leftroom, Petfood and Time Has Changed and has established Nikko as one of the freshest talents of today. Musically gifted, the New York resident has been composing and producing music since the age of eight, much of which has been used by advertising agencies. Now as an established artist and club promoter (Nikko is behind the Sheik & Beik parties in the US), the Mexican has spent the past 18 months travelling the globe bringing his own sound to the most essential club nights.

Together the trio have created a wonderfully diverse EP for Your Mamas Friend and one that allows Nikko to let loose with his wonderful vocals. The opener and title track "Take Me, Don't Break Me" is a dreamily deep number. Its strong kick drum is met with an atmospheric organ melody and wistful vocals. On the flip we are treated to the beautiful bass-heavy gem, "Promises Forsaken." Whilst the bassline dominates its the intergalactic synth pulses and gorgeous vocal that keep us on the deeper path and make this essential. The final cut sees the trio letting loose, closing the ep with the mighty crescendo.
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