Slidebar Recordings - TASTE THE DIFFERENCE EP

Slidebar Recordings


12" Vinyl D

Slidebar / SLR008

Front View : Slidebar Recordings - TASTE THE DIFFERENCE EP - Slidebar / SLR008
Back View : Slidebar Recordings - TASTE THE DIFFERENCE EP - Slidebar / SLR008

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The >Taste the Difference EP< from the excellent Slidebar Records dishes up something unique where modern Techno is concerned. Axel Sohns the label founder expressed how he wants to mix up the old and new styles of Techno and give people back a sound that quite simply makes you not only want to dance and leaves you thinking >how the fuck did they make that sound<

Dibu-Z – Pyroclastic Flow
The E.P. serves up the perfect starter. Dibu-Z’s pulsing electro bass breaks into a chunky concoction of electronic murmurings and gets the EP off to a perfect start. There is never a dull moment every sound is well thought out and unique. This tune alone is worth the money for this EP. It will fill a dance floor in seconds and if it doesn’t your playing at the wrong party.

TSR – Matlagningsmusik
Main course. Yet again TSR bring something deliciously funky to the table. The Deep groove is controlled until the lead synth decides to, quite simply, get up and leave and then all manner of madness prevails. At times this track leaves you thinking ‘that’s genius’ but then what else did you expect from TSR.

Thomas Schneider – Schwarze Flut
This is dark and deep like a vintage port. The bass pulses menacingly throughout the track whilst the vocals twist and wind their way through the darkness. Turn the lights down or off and let the walls shake.

Oliver Rosemann – Murky Beer Can
For desert Oliver goes full fat with this sugar coated groove that mixes old and new styles beautifully. The groove struggles to break free but is kept in check whilst the beat pounds on but every now again the lead comes out to play. This is a perfect example of how Techno should sound.

Scott Robinson – Explain
Scott serves the bitter and black ‘wake-me-up. The chopped up bass line propels the listener through a maze of industrial and mechanical bangs and clangs; if robots could party they would probably bang this track on.

To sum up, if you are sick of ‘Template Techno’ then this EP is for you as it breaks the formulaic mould of so much modern electronic music. You can certainly Taste the difference after this Techno Feast… simply perfect to keep you up on those hot summer nights. [txt from ]
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