Alex Celler - WALLABY

Alex Celler


12" NL

Area Remote / area026

Front View : Alex Celler - WALLABY - Area Remote / area026
Back View : Alex Celler - WALLABY - Area Remote / area026

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For our 26th release we welcome back producer & DJ ALEX CELLER. Greek by right, but a Londoner by choice he is causing a stir with his energetic and intense house sounds, full of swing, tribal rhythms & deep basslines. First acquiring international success in the spring of 2009 with the release of La Palma (Area Remote) which became one of the years biggest dancefloor tracks and one of RAs most charted tunes - the last twelve months has seen an amazing run of productions from Alex Celler. He is back again with two dancefloor slammers, hot-off-the-press from his London studio.

WALLABY: A banging industrial bassline that’s powered with dancefloor diesel. This thumping tune takes you on a sound excursion across funky sound snippets, sex sighs and soaring sirens - propelling everyone towards the deep and pleasurable side of dance life.

MONTAGU BAY: Upbeat and trippy percussive action meshed with electric space warps relentlessly hypnotises you, pulling you into melodic madness. [area026_info from nw]
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