Oracy - Bass Mood


Bass Mood

12" Vinyl D

Mojuba / Mojuba014 / 60981

Front View : Oracy - Bass Mood - Mojuba / Mojuba014 / 60981
Back View : Oracy - Bass Mood - Mojuba / Mojuba014 / 60981

After the great Mojuba G.O.D.2 by Chez Damier it is time for some Oracy action, its been a while since we heard from the creator of such classics as Family Day and Mind Dance. But now after doing a very fine remix for Balance Alliance in the meantime, he is back in full effect. The a-side Bass Mood is featuring a disco break styled beat combined with a sick acid bassline à a special track for that special moment on the floor! The b-side with Funk Advice is cooling things a little down, but in a way only a Mojuba record can do it - some serious deepness is waiting for you!

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