Jin Choi


10" Vinyl BE

Lessizmore / LILTD02

Front View : Jin Choi - YOU ARE NO GOOD EP (10 INCH GREY MARBLED VINYL) - Lessizmore / LILTD02
Back View : Jin Choi - YOU ARE NO GOOD EP (10 INCH GREY MARBLED VINYL) - Lessizmore / LILTD02

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Grey marbled 10 inch! Lessizmore kick off 2010 with Jin Choi follow up to the Carnivores EP. This double A is the Favorite of Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Raresh, Shinedoe, Daniel Sanchez..

Far away from the usual Blah Blah, here are a few words from Jin about his music:

The two tracks of this EP reflect two different sides of music that I am continously exploring... One is the more vibrant, colorfoul, melancholic, emotional and melodic side that I love in music... Music that is like a film for the ears and tells a story. This side is obviously reflected in "In the mirror". And what I love in this track is, that it actually has a deep, yet pushing tech-house groove, while it also offers this second musical layer where it is all about melodies and a laid back feeling. It shows both sides in a nice way, and so I am really happy with the message coming along with this track. The other side that I always have been fascinated by is the dubby side of techno, which is reflected in "You are no good". I tried to incoorperate soul and a techno edge to this dubby feeling without drifting too much into well known cliches and stereotypes. I don't know if I succeeded, but I am quite happy with that track as well... This EP is not meant to be complementary in terms of two pieces of a puzzle coming together. It is more - as said - showing two different fields of music that I explore. Yet one thing keeps maybe both tracks together: my attempt to make all my music to sound organic, consistent and emotional... Anyway... a lot of typcial artist nonsense talk. Enjoy the music and decide on your own, if you can dig it. [liltd02_info from nw]

You are no good is huuuuuge. Bravo Will get lots of plays for sure

Riyaz Khan (DIVERSIONS )
Sweet tracks - You Are No Good is my fave!

Laurent Garnier
(F-Communications): nice music , i like in the mirror best

Platic Lounge (Radio-FDS)
nice one,will play

de bug (De:Bug)
review to follow

Dan Drastic (Moon Harbour Recordings)
i like you are no good the most

wowo amezzing ep full support s

Koen Vandijck (FM Brussel)
'In the mirror' is a nice piece of minimal with a cool soundscape on the background.

m50 (m50)
I'm liking the warmth on the B side, both are very good polished deep tech productions.

Tomaz (Studio Brussel)
Two fine tracks. Will play both.

mark august (mark august)
cool. in the mirror is very very sweet and deep. me like

Nice song i play IN THE MIRROR in my radio show

BOUM! TCHAK! (CIBL 101.5 FM Radio-Montréal)
Great buildup and vocal on 'You Are no Good'. Love the introspective vibe on 'In the Mirror'! Excellent release!

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four)
both tracks are good, but you are no good is fantastic, for sure I am going to play the shit of out it and chart (april), thanks.

Pheek (Archipel, Nerv)
mad stuff

Pierre Blaszczyk
great production! will play for sure

you are no good is…good!

Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong / Session Deluxe)
really digging "you are no good" . Will play and also featur ein my show...

Oli Warwick
Excellent sounds from Jin after the amazing Carnivores EP. Two tracks, very different vibes, both winners! In The Mirror is really beautiful but this morning I'm in the mood for funk, so let's go with the A-Side!

Marcelo Tag (Carnival Records)
Lovely ep! My favourite track is You are no good (Is a bomb).Will play it surely!!

Hubi (weekend)
like the sound and will play it- groovy! in the mirror is my fav...

Tobias Staab
beautiful tracks. Review to follow.

Tim Green (Trapez / Dirtybird)
Not For Me

Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape,Vakant.Harry Klein)
in the mirror is nice.

Tsugi (Tsugi Mag)
Real cool tarcks.

Borja S (Une Label)
quality music! good work Jin bt not for my sets

sonja moonear
you're no good.. yes you are! finally something different

david kohlmann
in the mirror....realy nice track!!!!!

i realy like it ! jin's making personal and quality music full support!

nice ep ! sweet grooves

Steve Mizek
Thanks, will make this available for review.

Sebastian Wilck (Watergate)
a side is pretty good! thanks

Christereo (Halfstereo / Dinamo.fm)
In The Mirror we see Jin Choi's deeper side and that is all good. Love it.

both tracks are cool will play you are no good

Dilo (Igloo)
nice ep! in the mirro is a very nice deep track...lovely

Kiki (BPitch Control)
really diggin´"you are no good"!

Timid Boy / Damien Almira (Time Has Changed, Tuning Spork, Barraca, Bitten...)
love the 2 tracks thanks !

Robert Dietz (Cecille)
i'm getting lost in it... in the mirror!!!

sevensol (kann records)
floating...will play "in the mirror" tonight!

cesare vs disorder
both tracks are amazing, difficult to choose.Jin s on top of the game.thanks,

Beaner (Bar25, Thema, Little Helpers)
one of the best of a crop of "new" producers. this is an incredible record. have been playing it for a couple months now and it always gets a great reaction.

Luciano Esse (Safari Electronique, Trapez LTD, Leftroom, Material Series, CLimatic))
Always great class from Jin Choi! Love it!

Raresh (arpiar)
in the mirror ! Very Nice. Will play a lot !

Ekkohaus (liebe*detail )
I like you re no good...thanx...Ekko

Ellen Allien (Bpitch Control)
you are no good / coolio / will play it /

Nori (Posivion & Remix mag/Tokyo )
Feel great;-) will stick to lisner's mind.

Thanks for this excellent ep !

Agoria (InFiné)
This is a superbe release, gonna play it a lot and obviously at all parties at wmc nxt week.

Ahmet Sisman (Slash, Cocoon, Dumb Unit, Stock5, Lessizmore)
super nice tracks. i know them already! and "you are no good" is my favorite ... played and charted already!! very good release!!! thanks a lot!!!

Karotte (Break New Soil / Great Stuff)

Franco (Carnival rec)
Stylish, fresh, intelligent, innovative. Nice tunes perfect for the warm up, You Are No Good is my favourite. Than you

Orde Meikle (Slam) (Soma)
cool trax - both good trax - will try both out

hells work horse :) (Gigolo Records)
nice promo as always from Lessizmore in the mirror is my favourite here !! i like the melancholic vibe

DJ BSN (Radio Beton)
I like "In the mirror" nice and smooth, good evolution !!!

anthony collins (Freak N Chic )
you are no good is wicked

david siskid shaw
you are no good is fantastic, will play for sure! cheers!

someone else (foundsound)
A is dope

pherox (Slash Label)
wooow...super nice tracks from Jin ...feeling these two personal workouts !!

Papol (Esperanza records)
Nice ep and very good quality , for me in the mirrow, solid sound !thax

Daniel sanchez
Downloaded for Daniel Sanchez (BlaBla/ Be Real)

Brothers' Vibe (Brothers' Vibe)
Love it man - !! ALL good : )

Konrad Black (Wagon Repair / Minus)
Love it!

josh wink (Ovum)
Groovy grooves on each track. Gets the hips going... [liltd02_feed from nw]
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