David August - SWEDEN ROOF

David August


12" Vinyl D

Stil Vor Talent / SVT042

Front View : David August - SWEDEN ROOF - Stil Vor Talent / SVT042
Back View : David August - SWEDEN ROOF - Stil Vor Talent / SVT042

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played by claude von stroke, timo maas, luciano, livio & roby, mihalis safras, d julz, hosh! After his huge success of the summer that was >Trumpets Victory< only 19-year old kiddo David August is back on Stil vor Talent with his second EP: Sweden Roof. Sweden Roof is also the title track on this two-track EP that is about the funkiness of house music and the glorious moments of melodies. A cut up vocal sample dominates the groove until we can hear why David August is more than a producer, but a musician after all. The great organ melody will have whole floors swinging along to this monster of musical raffinesse. This sound is like crack, once you try, you want more of it. Now! And luckily there is. Feeding our addiction on the flip is Soul Kitchen, an even more organic piece of tech-house-niceness. Clap snares, pianos, a deep male vocal sample and equally as much sex appeal as dancing at the carnival in Rio. This is soulful house music and it doesnt get any better. These two new tracks show that David August is no one hit wonder. >Sweden Roof< proves how deeply David seems to be in touch with house music - and the dancefloor.

Mike Monday
Loving the uber jackin Soul Kitchen
David Keno
ohne white noise wärs cooler ;)
Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
Good house release !!!
My FAV is the "Soul Kitchen" track.
I'll play & chart it.
Support always :-)
Magazine - Lodown // Forty
Hm, maybe it's because it's one of those Mondays... but I'm actually not too excited about these two tracks.
Jürgen Kirsch
schwedendach is fresh! danke!
Magazine - Tsugi Mag
nice 2 tracker
finde beide traks absolut hammer und direkt rein ins set!! GREAT!!
not for me
Magazin - Mixmag // Ed Karney
I'm not really feeling this.
Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld
hübsch. mss ich mal laut hören
Franck Roger
not into it sorry!
Animal Trainer
nice one, love the chords!
Gruber & Nürnberg
Nice House Tunes from David August! I like this EP and "Soul Kitchen" is my favourite! Full Support...
Brett Johnson
Sweden Roof for me please..... thanks! b
Martin Eyerer
top tracks!
Mihalis Safras
fresh like a greek tomato..one of my fav labels strike again.soul kitchen s my peak!
Magazine - Posivision mag
Sweden Roof : feel good! nice groove!!

Laurent Garnier
both tracks are damn funky numbers
Will play them a lot
Magazine - DE:BUG
review to follow
Mathias Mesteno
2 very useable tracks indeed...like em both..my fave is Soul kitchen..great break!!! Thnxxxx
Soul Kitchen sounds like it'll do some damage! will be trying it out.
Timo Maas
sweden roof is nuts
Whatpeopleplay's Tim Vogt
Nice Tracks!
Nikola Baytala
Soul Kitchen
David August
like this
sweeden roof is super funky, will play
this time nothing for me.

G. Digger
sweden roof is burning !
Adam Beyer
Good stuff but a bit to jazzy/funky/housy for me.

sweden roof is nice ya! play
dirty doering
sweden roof i will play
soul kitchen !

funky stuff! Full support!
Daniel Mehlhart
super groovin beats. i like both tracks
Markus Homm
Super Ep. will play tonight
Amazing House music.. I love David August anyway..
Great release will play!!!
dj emerson
nice house trx - thanks
Axel Bartsch
soul kitchen is a nice house tune.
Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
nice par of jackin' house cuts - SWEDEN ROOF yeah!
Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen
Fabrice Lig
Never disapointed by SVT ! Nice tracks once again, both ! Full support

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom
Killer! Both tracks are great!!!

Florian Meindl
both tracks are cool, prefer "soul kitchen" I think!
Channel X
Super Scheibe
Patrick Zigon
very funky release from mr. august - like it!
Brian Cares
Nice pumping quality.
SVT delivers again.
thanks for sending.
Jens Bond
my fav is the soul kitchen...
like soul kitchen! thanks
Ian Pooley
Really like Soul Kitchen , will fit nicely into my sets !
Electric Indigo
sorry, not my cup of tea...
Slam Mode
Floor madness!!!..get ready.
Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
8.2. beide in der Vorstellung
Whatpeopleplay's Bodo
Soul Kitchen sounds realy oldscool nice, will play it
Livio & Roby
The Soul Kitchen quite nice! Good work!
pure house old school!
Patrick Chardronnet
I like that release it`s good moving!!! "soul kitchen" my fav.
Pascal Feos
sorry , not really mine ...
Soul Kitchen is the one for me..delicious funky flavoures and a rocking arrangement !
Matt Star
soul kitchen is ok [feedback from svt]
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