12" Vinyl D

Underground Limited / UGLTD007

Front View : En-Tropic - BETWEEN TWO EXTREMES - Underground Limited / UGLTD007
Back View : En-Tropic - BETWEEN TWO EXTREMES - Underground Limited / UGLTD007

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Played by: Richie Hawtin, Raresh, Cisco Ferreira (The Advent), Matt Star, Xpansul, Nicolas Duvoisin, Mirco Violi, Frank Leicher, Sebastian Altstadt, Locke aka Dermaptera, Sean O Neal (Someone Else), Jon Gurd ... Igor Jadranin aka En-Tropic signs his new EP – >Between Two Extremes<, for the record label Underground Limited.This release clearly proves Igors unmatched talent and maturity in music production. The lead theme of this EP >Between Two Extremes< – a very deep and powerful theme, carefully broken by rhythm and still a gentle and emotional jazzy looped composition – is surely my personal favorite from this release.Cooperation with Marko Vukovic is embodied in the track >Back Again< – a minimal deep house filled with rhythm, not the kind of rhythm produced by percussions and other drumming instruments but rather by a cut vocal and dirty synth, which breathe soul into this theme. >Zero Loss Circuit<, which has an expressed club spirit, is the ideal piece for building an atmosphere in a club. Igors music definitively deserves a spot on every good DJs list. (Zoran Petkovski review)

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