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12" Vinyl D 27.03.12
bass alert! deep-house hit machine yse detonate a futuristic beatbomb on everyones favourite winding road records
Winding Road Records
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12" Vinyl D 17.01.11
the >inside out< ep is a solid package featuring quality tunes from start to finish. midnight runner is a heavy plunge into deepest underwater techno, which drives fearlessly forward through a storm of ride cymbals. on the inside hovers and builds on a single chord, until breaking deliciously into a slinky deep house groove with a plonky bassline leading the way. on the b-side, the revenge pass by to deliver the >memory warehouse< remix of >on the inside< - a simple and decisive slice of deep dark rave, with all the hot production values we love to hear from the revenge. moonrunners, finally, is an organic and musical collection of neatly packed rhodes keys, piano splashes, trumpets and intense bass notes, and wraps up the package in style. another great ep for dso - and a solid return for winding road records
Winding Road Records
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12" Vinyl D 03.03.15
vincenzo bursts with a hot new deephouse ep, on winding road records. a pairing like this is never likely to disappoint, and this is a truly essential release.
Winding Road
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12" Vinyl D 31.05.11
this latest lovebirds ep on winding road records is another absolute masterpiece of chilled house soul and deep rave. a really excellent package and a must-have lovebirds release. on the a-side track, >want you in my soul<, lovebirds teams up with vocalist stee downes. stees acclaimed debut album >all in a day< was released on sonar kollektiv in 2008, and who has worked and performed alongside the likes of motor city drum ensemble, amp fiddler, dj spinna, and bugz in the attic. their collaboration for winding road is a driving vocal house bomb that will rock your world. the b-side kicks off with the dirty tech tune >give me a dubf*ck<, an injection of dark rave that has been causing serious explosions on dancefloors for a few months now. perfect chemical material for the harder floors. the b2 track is hot toddys remix of >want you in my soul< - a chrome-plated disco dimension to the track by crazy p man chris todd, which was licensed to tensnakes >in the house< compilation before it even saw the light of day. hot stuff indeed.
Winding Road Records
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12" Vinyl D 01.09.08
office gossip is the imaginary workday daydream of up-and-coming uk midlands producer nathan brody. nathan just recently offered a stonking remix of schmoov’s >spirits< ( road 004 ) which has been given the stamp of approval by dj’s like tom middleton or miguel migs and many more. >blue on black< is a meaty tech-disco track with a basslline which instantly clicks. on the b-side mantis recordings’ atjazz tunrs the track inside out and gazes at it’s underbelly. the result is a chunky acid house workout with all the trimmings and quality used from atjazz. as an extra treat he also handed in a pure acid house dub. dirty stuff!
Winding Road
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12" Vinyl D 21.07.08
brilliant tracks again from lovebirds and winding road records. in the shadows is a pumping techno-house track with explosive vocals - and possibly one of winding roads best moments to date. it has all the right ingredients to be the tune of summer 2008, but theres no doubt its still cool enough for the discerning dj to play over and over again. this is going to be the >track of the night< in hundreds of dj sets over the next few months! theres also an instrumental included, under the name avlium. here, the vocals are stripped away to leave a slice of robot disco which is absolutely essential for the darker club djs. this track has been getting massive international dj support. the final track on the package is sarice, which injects a scintillating dose of growling underground darkness. winding road do the business again
Winding Road Records
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12" Vinyl D 02.06.08
another fine release on winding road records! this is a debut ep from bleep district. true to their name, the 4 tracks here contain plenty of mesmerising bleeps sitting inside the slick deep house grooves youd expect from the label. the lead track, bleep of faith, is peaktime voodoo house with cool vocals, and a wicked bassline which comes as a special surprise half way through. robot claart is superdeep, hypnotic tech-house with a cheeky jamaican dub twist. when i saw you, possibly the strongest tune of the package, is a real killer. with polished production, reverse vocal licks and an ubercool bleepy bassline, this track is a contender to be a summer anthem of 2008. essential! the last track on the package, some may say, is an eccentric but irresistable hip-hop meets folk-house number. yet another winning package from winding road
Winding Road Records
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