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12" Vinyl D 09.07.18
the second release on werk is signed by j. manuel. the young producer has been polishing his sound ever since he first started experimenting with electronic music gear as a child. his commitment to following his own instincts rather than conforming to what was being played around him resulted in a very different aesthetic to the one commonly associated with berlin techno. drive fiction ep stands proof of that. all 3 tracks push boundaries in their own style, that being perhaps the strongest link between them. the title track -drive fiction- presents old-school leads over broken beats and electro inspired pads while the a2 -falling in sine circulation- is arguably the most dance floor oriented track, with a pounding 4×4 kick drum and an alarming 3/4 sine wave slaying the high frequencies. closing the ep is b-side -softer-, a melodic track with long, undulating pads that is nonetheless driven by a powerful rave-inspired beat. with its second release, werk comes to confirm the path it seeks to travel through both parties and releases: that of the sounds less rigid. gritty, wild and presenting a wide range of rhythmic patterns, drive fiction ep is a defying record. challenge accepted?
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12" Vinyl D 10.11.17
fadi mohem &#769,,s interest in electronic music began to rise when he first discovered drum and bass at an early age. since then he built up an extensive stylistic portfolio that has no genre boundaries. with the reckless ep, a first excerpt can now be tested out on the dance floor. „we are- and „reckless- on the a-side are uncompromising techno. both pieces are markedly aggressive and captivate with drifting synths and grooving drums. with „on the run- on the flip side, fadi mohem shows his more experimental side carrying broken drum patterns and atmospherical synths. the soundscapes of this thoroughly crafted record will absorb the listener into another dimension. the fact that his debut single simultaneously marks the first catalog number of the new label of berlin event series werk is actually consistent with the same sphere of emerging producers ready to step up and challenge the old guard. the record lays the foundation, both for werk and mohem himsel
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