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12" Vinyl D 20.07.17
vivus records, the underground south german label, invites london-based and rlz music label boss rowlanz for an acid-infused journey thourghout some minimal streets.
having received constant support from the likes of gescu, barac or archie hamilton, rowlanz is a name you should keep an eye on in the future and it is fitting that he has decided to collaborate with melodie, a young romanian prodigy that has had a quite meteoric rise in the past year.
Vivus Records
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12" Vinyl D 03.03.17
vivus records presents its first vinyl release, featuring the work of talented producer/dj from london - josh wicks. he presents us with an exceptional new record consisting of 3 original tracks and one remix by ldn label owner and fine artist, scott kemp. without further a due this is grumble ep, a nice uplifting 4 tracker which can be found on a vinyl only format.
Vivus Records
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