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2x12" Vinyl D 06.09.19
cologne-based producers ripley and benway aka kitbuilder
VR 07
Vertical Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 16.05.11
nice price deal !!! the music of the cologne based duo kitbuilders can be described as electro with scifi-punkrock-energy and a grebo edge. a remarkable element in the tracks are the vocals of female singer ripley. in the kitbuilders-cosmos you will also find the sparks in their moroderphase, chris and cosey, neu and devo. but their music is not 80s retro stuff, they include a lot of futuristic and fresh elements in their songs. after a handful of 12 inch singles and compilation appearances on labels like electrecord, world electric, vertical and ersatz audio, >wake up< was the debut full length from the duo. the us magazine xlr8r called it > excellent hybrid of the past and present<. alongside american outfits like adult. and fischerspooner, kitbuilders are at the forefront of the worldwide electro revolution. equal parts moroder and liquid sky, the duo of benway and ripley fluctuate between adrenaline-rush bpm 909 beats, fluttering sci-fi arpeggiations and tense, sinister moodiness.
vertical records 03
Vertical Records

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cd D 19.03.14
der berliner technoproduzent und substatic-label-eigner falko brocksieper ist für seine sensiblen, verspielten technotracks bekannt. sein follow me-remix hat eine eigenwillige markante bassline mit leicht analogem touch. die kitbuilders liefern eine uptempo version von all about nach und kreuzen aktuelle bass-musik mit direct beat-artigen electro-pattern.
Vertical Records 06 CD

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cd D 17.05.11
Vertical Records 05 CD

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