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12" Vinyl D 05.03.18
the identity of belgian mystery man beton is a complete mystery to us. what we do know is that twin turbo owner/assistant webmaster tiga has called this record the best release of the past five years. even when you consider that tiga believes he experiences time differently from the rest of us, that still means the soundtrack of your life for the past half-decade has been straight-up garbage in comparison. since most djs wont even listen to a record if they dont like the track descriptions, we realize a lot is riding on the next paragraph. acid-electro bomb directions is a collaboration with wevie stonder, who call themselves an absurdist electronic music collective, which youd have to agree sounds like a lot of fun. meanwhile, keep breathin completely redefines the term pump-bumpin pumper, and features vocals from dance mania ghetto house legend dj deeon. twin turbo keeps puttin hot mp3s in your pocket, offering maximum value for your hard-won digital nickels. as far as we know, youve earned it.
Twin Turbo
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12" Vinyl BE 28.05.15
three japanese techno innovators team up as disq clash. jacking chicago tracks featuring a vocal from the legendary dj funk.
Twin Turbo
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12" Vinyl BE 01.11.11
a true product of torontos thrillingly cosmopolitan grooving pot, this chinese-italian duo is quickly earning a rep for crafting highly effective acid tracks with just a hint of banger. they initially earned notice with their first ep, >vaporizer<, on this is music, before making fans out of some big names with these tracks, with brodinski championing >body acid< and forcing turbos a&r vibetrust to perk up their unbelievably jaded ears.
if you arent sold on the ontario-buzz, then maybe you will pay attention to two awesome remixes by the bombest bulgarian, kink. the deep mix is a lush, throbbing body-rub, and the acid version is a highlight-reel of peak time mayhem, already caned and charted by erol alkan and tiga. if nothing else, >body acid< is a vital reminder that acid goes into your body. thats just the way it works.
stamped white label, limited to 169 copies!
Twin Turbo
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