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12" Vinyl, 140 g UK 27.02.18
filled with unique nuances and creative vocal sampling, knee rattling base and a sprinkle of synthesisers which hum and snap, enter requite the latest offering from tape throb puppeteer and master of distortion the cyclist. progress through tracks which dip their rhythmic toes into techno, no wave and psychedelia, bridged across the divide by the artistic tropes of a musician who knows both his stamp and his reach. dissimilar and yet united, material and yet transient, requite is a favour returned from an adherence to the andrew morrison project, a response for the love which bent brass and set bones in motion. a flourish, now for the attentive requite
TTR 006
Tape Throb Records
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12" Vinyl UK 27.07.17
baltra has been plying his trade for a few years now, dealing in a distinctly retro brand of house music that could easily pass for a forgotten chicago cut were it not for subtle touches of advanced production tucked away in the mix. on this single for tape throb, the warbling synth tones of up 2 you sound like a perfect fit for the label, while twist of fate smooths things out a more melancholic mood atop a classic jack beat. feds watching strains under a cloud of grit that adds to the backwards glancing vibe of the record, while dis aura opts for a marginally more modern approach spelt out by the plush polysynth tones that pulse throughout.
TTR 004
Tape Throb Records
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12" Vinyl UK 03.04.17
having lurked in the tape scene for many moons, al-90 brings his dishevelled house sound to the dancefloor with this single for tape throb. despite the name of the label, this is in fact destined for vinyl, and leads with the fuzzy yet funky cheremushki groove, assisted in the process by monokle. there s a whiff of gerry read s dusty production values present on fluid, but al-90 seems locked into a more discernible beat. that changes on cataract with its degraded hardcore breaks drowning under a sea of unforgiving processing, while tape throb label boss the cyclist is an appropriate choice of remixer to finish the record with a crunchy yet focused version of cheremushki groove
TTR 002
Tape Throb Records
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