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12" Vinyl UK Pre sale
this reissue of the small batch of records which was at first released in 2015 now comes to the stores in this years fall. the record is the successor of the record bombtrap1 which is also called restless breed by chip tronic from 2004. * during the year 2014 the idea emerged to have these tracks remixed by musical friends, like minded artists were contacted by email or chat and samples were uploaded. during this process it became clear that it would be a better option not to do only remixes of the original tracks but instead to include tracks which have the same mood of the original which is industrial wonly dark techno, straightforward but quirky at the same time. * so the concept of doing a pure remix was enhanced to the upgrade idea. hence the number increased. apart from this maybe confusing history tree – it was a kind of freaky concept idea , but the label name can sometimes explains it – the resulting fruit which is this record contains 5 very different tunes. every record needs a kind of opener / hymn. the a1 is: flekk-botox_neoflekk. flekk takes the original robox neotech track and transforms it into a crispy blend between dutch electro , british wonky techno and french techno from the first zero years. the tune might have much cheese but this its character. bon appetit !
A1: Flekk - Botox_Neoflekk
A2: Paul Birken - Remix Thor 2014
A3: Muelli Remix Ghostdriver
B1: Braindead (Thomas Grinder Remix)
B2: Mason Rent - Tribal Massage
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12" Vinyl UK 12.07.18
* after the feature -silent singer- on stonedwave007, the unique scottish producer chordata shows a huge range of variety on this debut ep, telling skillfully a story consisting of six chapters. what to expect: electro from scotland based on ancient myths as indicated by the cover artwork with a double raven and celtish knotwork. the ghosts are in the machine and they are spawn by classic 808 drumbeats which form the rhythm for the actors which tell their story in the shape of playful melodies, rave signals, robot vocals and acid lines.
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12" Vinyl UK 11.05.18
in a nutshell: mellow floating braindance, electro, quirky and wonky techno beyond standard schemes. a1 we start with sane - the hangover. this tune is made for quirkier techno sets. it is a funky wonky techno tune mocking around with a whistling lead synth on top of a tripped out beat. a2 next one is chordata - silent singer. electrobeats mark the rhythm for this progressive adventure into space. electro in the good old detroit or dutch fashion. a3 jochen heym is also featured twice on it. after his ep -sononaut- this time he brings a mellow braindance electro tune: floating soul b1 in addition b1 contains a remix of the cling clang ambient tune of the stonedwave005 => chip tronic transforms the ambient piece into a hectical electro tune. b2 b2 is the final tune. chip tronic - frequency modulated metallic wide hypnotic screaming leads are being carved into the listeners brain while being distrted and modulated by any means available. the number 18 implies => dark techno rhythms for wonky minds who love it more distorted.
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coloured 7" Vinyl UK 18.12.17
* white vinyl *
* this ep was first released in 2006 and is the first stonedwave release. it is a white seven inch, containing of two tracks by robert chudoba aka kungfoo. a. undead and real (kungfoo s ectoplasma remix) is the result of a remix context which was organized at the erutufon website using a samplepack by chip tronic. the theme is undead and real and describes the atmosphere in a hp lovecraft short novel where an undead person is roaming around at night.. kungfoo processes the samples of the track which was created by chip tronic with own built reaktor ensembles and one of the first ableton live versions. the result is a funky wonky electro tune with a lots of bleeps, modulations and which is still a lot of fun to listen to. timeless funk! b. rock me is a wonderful science fiction like glitch techno track with very elaborated breaks and an awesome groove. like a whirl of satin.
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 09.10.17
stonedwave presents the latest ep offering from jochen heym, „sonoaut“ on snow white vinyl limited to 300 copies. bridging the gap between hardcore, drill and bass and braindance on tracks like exit vessel and init conversation the artist creates dadaistic piano arrangements that meet talking funk basslines while the tracks are still heavily rooted on the dance floor.
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12" Vinyl UK 07.08.17
very dark green with black marbling effect vinyl.
new from stonedwave (founded by chip tronic), who has lately been active for both the kugkmusique and the oyabun labels comes a collection of powerful dark wonky techno tracks who have been created for freaking out on the dancefloor while still creating pictures in the listeners mind. the tunes have been selected and tested by dj wotta mess. the latter has been doing the warm up for dont radio show which is a regular internet event before jerome hill s london based events.
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