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12" Vinyl UK 30.03.12
stainage steps into 2012 with a change in tactics and a shift in style. the half step gloom leaves the cocoon to morph into a more mature sound where glittering garage and future house take the spotlight on the dance floor.
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12" Vinyl UK 14.02.11
science - motion tween : crypt and scypus aka science are 2 shiny dubstep diamonds coming from antwerp. they have been causing big damage on dance&#64258,,,oors with their sets and productions as of late. >motion tween< has been rinsed out at every respectable party in belgium and not only in the past year and it &#64257,,,nally comes out on stainage! big bashy beats, ravey stab hooks and a rolling deep bass that can cause earthquakes on a proper soundsystem is le plat du jour.
science - motion tween (von d i m your drug remix) : von d is on the remix treatment and makes it even more &#64257,,,lthy. one of dubstep rising stars in the past year and remixer in demand. he adds some sticky female vocals, shifts the beat template to a different swing and throws in his trademark bass hooks. >come and taste this / i made it for you / i kinda like it so...< once you have it its hard to get out of your system.
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