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12" Vinyl D 24.08.12
nice price deal !!! spreekader aufnahmen proudly presents >asem shama - never compromise<. >never compromise< is going to be our second release on spreekader aufnahmen. on this record you will find nothing but techno. the sound is hard, pure and without any compromise.
Spreekader Aufnahmen
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12" Vinyl D 27.03.12
spreekader aufnahmen is a new berlin based label. originally coming from tech house and minimal techno we are also releasing any kind of music we think it is worth hearing so that the essence of spreekader aufnahmen is good music. no matter if it is house, ambient, or any other kind of thrilling sound. we are obsessed with good music and therefore we are hopeless victims of sound. spreekader aufnahmen proudly presents to you >tamtam<. >tamtam< is going to be our first release on spreekader aufnahmen. the release features artists such as schulleri & eiblonski, benno blome, kotelett & zadak and last but not least nico stojan. the original mix brought to you by schulleri & eiblonski (labelowner of spreekader aufnahmen) is what you would call a prime-time happy-go-lucky hit at its best. talking about the remixers, benno blome (sender records) added a fast forward piano that way >tamtam< the track even goes happy-go-funky. kotelett & zadak (golden gate) took their time and made it nice and deep, perfect for every afterhour. finally nico stojan (bar 25) added piano and vocal to his version of >tamtam< and made smooth and sweet.
Spreekader Aufnahmen
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