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12" Vinyl lp D 21.05.13
co la widmet sich der klanglichen erforschung sample-basierter elektronischer musik. aus dem umfeld von daniel lopatin / oneohtrix point never.
limitiert auf 1000 nummerierte exemplare, inklusive mp3-downloadcode.
Software Recording Company
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12" Vinyl lp + mp3 UK 20.06.14
limited numbered edition of 1000 copies on high quality virgin vinyl, download code included.
Software Recordings
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 07.10.13
limited edition of 1000 numbered copies on high quality virgin vinyl, download code included.
brian leeds produces electronic music under the name huerco s. his debut album for software is titled colonial patterns. on colonial patterns, leeds treats his kansas city region as a universe worthy of its own electronic music. to that end, leeds deconstructs midwestern techno and house tropes. the pieces are corrugated, rough, and decompositional. working cheaply, leeds conscientiously uses low-end software, synths and cassettes so as to subvert the gloss of so much urban dance music, giving tracks an impressionistic, emotive feel. the result is uniquely midwestern: there is an expansiveness to each piece that suits the open space and the storied past of its inhabitants.
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2x12" Vinyl lp + cd D 06.12.12
instrumental tourist, by tim hecker and daniel lopatin (oneohtrix point never), is the first chapter of sstudios (software studio series), a new venture in the software recording co.s expanding catalog. sstudios invites artists in the field of electronic music to create collaborative works of quality and vision. with a deliberate focus on source material of a synthetic and mimetic nature, hecker and lopatin designed a sound palette from the acoustic resonance of digitally-sourced >instruments of the world<.
limited edition double 12 inch vinyl in gatefold sleeve, cd-copy of the full album included.
Software Records
Uptown Psychedelia
Scene From A French Zoo
Vaccination (For Thomas Mann)
Whole Earth Tascam
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15M2 EP
12" Vinyl ES 02.07.07
round nine, and time for new talents. this new software release features our first four tracker . ezio is gonna be one of the next explosions in the scene. born and breed in belgium, from spanish parents he now lives in paris.for the making of his tracks he uses an old pentium 3 computer and a microkorg keyboard .just that. his classic piano training helps him to make sequences in real time and make complex harmonies on top of glitchy minimal tracks. soon he will relase on alex unders label cmyk via kompakt. this ep features the whole range of ezios sound, from straight danceable minimal jazzy beats to quiet and harmonic dubby techno.keep an eye on this guy its going to be big.
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12" Vinyl ES 25.04.07
here comes the eight ball in the software pool game… the labels colour is black and the labels boss hd substance is kicking balls. once more a luscious and deep release: on a side >someone down< is a driving track, full of 808 percussion work out over a sub bass frequency reminder of the old lfo records, on top of liquid synth layers and bubbles, hds trademark sound, a sure winner. on the flip side silicon cut goes more dubby and basic channel infected, with aquatic synth stabs and a moving bass line perfect for sub woofer testing.. future and tradition in one pack. as a gift a one minute japanese speaking intro for those who understand life in tokyo. spring comes, take your copy and enjoy
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12" Vinyl ES 20.12.06
leandro gamez and nico arianoutsos aka cio + resonic make a nice mixture of minimal beats, cosmic synth layers , 303 lines and detroit style sounds
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12" Vinyl D 25.10.06
software records goes half dozen, with a spectacular release. mouse down and daryl, residents at the infamous barcelonas club the loft, join forces to bring us this delicious slice of vinyl. original mix is a relaxed microtrance exercise, melodic, with a everchanging structrure and really clean, software trademark sound. in the remixes, daryl shows his splitted personality, in deep mix he goes electro house >a la get phisycal< while in tube mix he goes wild and noisy, creating with no doubt one of the anthems of this winter. key players, ellen alien, james holden, steve rachmad, undo, jaumetic, laurent garnier. a deluxe release with everything you need !!
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12" Vinyl ES 15.07.06
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12" Vinyl ES 01.03.06
swat squad are well known for their own label pulsewith , as well as thier works for labels such as regular , treibstoff or trapez. in the track nada thay are proud to introduce jaumetic on vocal duties as a pop singer: awesome. as you may probably know, jaumetic is one of the ownwers of the label regular, as well as producer for the software label . if you haven t had enough, undo and vickynoise, capos of the factor city label make a glorious remix on the a side for all those epic maximal sound whores. resume: the best from barcelona in the best label from madrid. a sure shooter
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Releases on CD / DVD

cd UK 13.12.11
haunting instrumental electronic and piano based vignettes, bringing to mind vangelis, william basinski, and a whole host of obscure 70s and 80s sci-fi soundtracks. a compelling piece of work.
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