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12" Vinyl US 24.09.19
smiling c collaborate with bahamian super talent, f.j. to compile a selection of six lost tunes from his catalogue. many of these are first time to vinyl. tip!
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2x12" Vinyl US 14.02.19
much anticipated re-release of the only album by the south african disco funk outfit. incl the track picnic (moger). very strong from start to finish. so groovy.
SC 03
Smiling C
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12" Vinyl US 10.08.18
reissue of this early 90s czechoslovakian balearic style oddity. tip! jindrich parma originally created this record as a studio project on his own parma productions label in 91. the release was the debut of the musician karya , and although the singer has become fairly prolific, muz ze skla (the man of glass) remains an anomalous release in her catalogue. in fact, the song never actually featured the singer we know as karya today, and was solely the experiment of jind&#345,,ich and company. with a balearic house sound that never really had a parallel in the country, this remains a truly unique czechoslovakian record. reissued for the first time on a 12inch.
SC 1201
Smiling C
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12" Vinyl US 17.05.18
somewhere between electro soul and melodramatic pop. music focused towards the youth set in some strange dream. not sugarcoating anything. these late 80s / early 90s recordings are something to truly behold! . aset was a collective founded by a group of individuals deeply involved in community improvement initiatives and the struggle for justice and equality. a project that would link motivated adults with talented young people in the washington, dc metropolitan area. the compilation takes songs from three released projects of aset, and one semi-unreleased single. latonya, a spunky 11 year old kid singing about divorce, love, and dancing. the poster child of aset. treo, a trio of high school gals in harmony singing about love and relationships. whax, the high school boys who were a bit strangr the silly side of aset. all backed by the aset players. release comes housed in a newly designed jacket with inner sleeve containing info on the label/artists and an interview with the label director, mba mbulu.
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Smiling C
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12" Vinyl US 20.12.19
dj mad a (adam embleton) & dr. stevie the ambient guru (stevie hewitt)
Smiling C
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S/T (LP)
12" Vinyl NL 18.01.18
new label smiling c starts off with a compilation lp of released and unreleased works by the arabic rapper, shams dinn. for their first ever reissue, smiling c connects with the arabic rapper shams dinn to release a compilation his best songs, including the hit hedi bled noum. the compilation covers his entire career of with songs made between 1985-1990, most of which went unreleased at the time. one of the few moroccan rappers to ever be recorded on vinyl back in the 80s, shams dinn was a pioneer of arabic flow. starting his career because he wanted to be a positive light for the arabic immigrants living in france. he earned his status participating in freestyle competitions, and performing in small clubs around europe. his career came to a turning point when he was asked by a major label to record a full lp. unfortunately, the label decided they didn t want to promote arabic music (largely because of the gulf war) - and asked shams to translate the arabic to french. shams dinn wouldn t stand for that, and he was dropped from the label. the following years he worked at a school, teaching kids how to rap and express themselves through words. the reissue comes with newly imagined art, and an inner sleeve with interview and photos.
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Smiling C
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