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12" Vinyl UK 01.11.16
laura jones unveiled her new label sensoramic in may with sam and karousel cutting the opening tape in appropriate style. for the second release laura delivers her first ep since 2014. after taking time out to experiment in the studio and refine her style. the why question marks an evolution in the uk producer s output delivering two incendiary underground club cuts ably remixed by trevino and u-more. two veterans working under aliases. trevino is of course better known as legendary drum n bass producer marcus intalex who has more recently found a home for his 4/4 output on klockworks. the nothing special and his own label. birdie. u-more is italian veteran and berliner. ivan iacobucci. fresh from releasing on apollonia and a slew of underground minimalist labels who delivers a late night acid laden afterhours workout to compliment trevino s big room counterpart.
SNS 002
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12" Vinyl UK 02.03.18
for its third release. sensoramic turns to new york minimalist and renowned modular artist. kamran sadeghi. fresh from releasing on key techno imprints meander. brouqade. fasten musique and cocoon. he finishes a strong year with an exceptional three tracker. lead track undone suspends time for a twelve minute lesson in modular hypnotism. twisting its way through various chapters and subtle. naggingly hooky melodic passages with the interlude of a deftly placed riser. sentient takes an alien vocodor style sound through a tense peak time work out while not here runs a dense droning pad through a gamut of minimally applied drums and modular noises.
SNS 003
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