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12" Vinyl D 07.08.18
romain azzaro comes back on his own imprint with a rouge mécanique extended play compiled with cinematic shaded instrumentals and a heady mix of post-punk, ambient and noise. bringing acoustic life to electronica, his signature sound rolls over the ep with elegance and versatility
Rouge Mecanique
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12" Vinyl lp, 180gr D 13.02.17
no problemo is jonny teardrops first physical album release. inspired by native american peyote songs, using his jaguar as a bass, drum samples from obscure japanese crust punk songs, jonny teardrop charges through 13 brief songs snapping audible polaroids and conjuring fragments of memories. a short movie made of 13 scenes, written by himself and directed by louis vignat will be presented alongside the album. the 13 videos will be your introduction to jonnys weird and complex universe, a door that wont be easily closed once opened.180g vinyl with a secret locked groove giving access to a free downloadable ep
Rouge Mecanique
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12" Vinyl D 18.01.16
dont touch my sister is romain azzaros rouge mécanique début album. cinematic hazy instrumentals and a heady mix of post-punk, italo disco, ambient and noise shine through azzaros dedication to his signature telecaster slide-guitar, bringing acoustic life to electronica. citing the visual realm as a strong influence on his music, rouge mécaniques releases are often accompanied by short films and hand picked design. the prelude video for dont touch my sister was born of a collaboration between romain azzaro and the film maker louis vignat, as inspired by the cover artwork of les beaux arts de paris artist jeanne briand.
Rouge Mecanique
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12" Vinyl D 17.02.15
position 12 inch is a story telling record inspired by the childhood of romain azzaro, aka rouge mécanique. one introduction and two dance pieces extracted from the crude reality he had to experience at an early age. the evolving sound of this ep throws its listeners into the dark and violent places that belong to his past. the childish melody of the intro suddenly opens on an intense break beat and ends with vimory, a brutal and profound track.
Rouge Mechanique
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