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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 27.04.18
rundfunk records presents: “kill gear”, the debut album by the eichler brothers. inspired by european and american cinematic music, “kill gear” honors the many great composers and compositions that characterise a bygone era in the history of cinema. the eichler brothers have re-imagined the late 60’s and early 70’s sound, creating an astonishing motion picture soundtrack that generates imagery which goes beyond an exploitation classic. pressing on black & orange mixed vinyl.
Redrum Recordz
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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 26.01.18
jungle/breakcore legends deformer are back with another horror infused release: “the living dead deformed”. deformer is known for putting the shock into electronic music and pushing the horror experience to another level. during their shows they cut off limbs and intestines are thrown into the audience while the extreme music turns the crowd into raging freaks. “the living dead deformed” pays hommage to one of the biggest horrorfilm classics of all time: “night of the living dead” (1968) and its creators.
the record was produced before the unfortunate passing of george a. romero. out of respect, deformer chose put out the record as a non-profit, limited edition, numbered by hand, green coloured vinyl release. the amazing cover art is created by legendary visual artist graham humphreys (a nightmare on elm street, the evil dead, poltergeist).
“the living dead deformed” is dark, menacing and will again turn parties into moshpits. they won’t stay deaf!
Redrum Recordz
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coloured 7" Vinyl + full cd album NL 28.03.11
videopacolypz is a side project coming from dutch jungle / breakcore / dubstep producers deformer. they are strong players amongst the progressive electronic music scene for years already and are about to release a new album and limited 7inch single entitled >videopacolypz g2012<. this release is based on the philips >videopac g7000< gameconsole that came out back in 1978. with the limited choice of sounds coming from this computer, a complete album was recorded that will tear up dance floors this year. beware though, this is not the official new deformer album, but a side project in a similar tradition: videopacolypz g2012...
the cd album and colored 7inch single (transparent and transparent blue) will come in one limited edition package of only 500 copies worldwide and will not be repressed!
Redrum Recordz
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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 05.10.18
horrorfilm “the johnsons” was one of the biggest productions of 1992 in the netherlands. the film won international acclaim and became a cult classic in the u.s. and japan, yet failed to make an impact on the dutch cultural landscape. or so it was thought... 25 years later, the celebrated documentary “xangadix lives!” (bram roza & yfke van berckelaer, 2017), shines a new light on the untold story behind the film’s troubled production and the legacy it left behind... “xangadix lives!” the original motion picture soundtrack, is composed by award winning producer and deformer initiator, mike redman. it’s now available on limited edition blood splattered vinyl. get it now, because when we say limited edition, we mean limited edition!
Redrum Recordz
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12" Vinyl lp NL 11.12.15
*bogey in sight* (1973) is the original soundtrack of an italian war movie that never saw the light of day. just recently this unknown dutch-italian production was discovered in a private archive in rome. next to a reel of the only known version of bogey in sight entitled il nemico in vista were the master tapes of the original soundtrack, produced by the late abraham barber and thomas jackson as the messengers (not to be confused with the minnesota rock group). psychedelic rock, funk and movie score reinforce each other. the bogey in sight soundtrack originally contained 12 tracks. unfortunately three tracks seem to be forever lost. luckily 9 of them are now restored, mastered for the first time and released by redrum recordz in collaboration with rundfunk.
Redrum Recordz
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12" Vinyl NL 24.06.10
deformer hailing from rotterdam city, the netherlands, is a strong player amongst the progressive electronic music scene for years already and are about to release a new 3 track e.p. entitled >defsteppah<. where deformer normally sets the tone with innovative jungle or quality breakcore, they now give new direction to the dubstep genre in their own onorthodox way.
Redrum Recordz
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