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12" Vinyl US 25.09.07
incl remixes by matt tolfrey(crosstown rebels/perc trax and craig sylvester aka inxec(contexterrior). >tewa< is a delicate cool house track complete with soft melodic tones and a swingin groove. resonant thips hollow the beats and bass rolls steady. remix kicks up the pulse with a looping bass groove. competing synths climb between each side joining rubberizing effects and white noise envelopes. co-producing by alexi delano
Ransom Note
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12" Vinyl US 27.06.07
while the delusional machinery of everyday life blindly stretches the forces that shape our lives into an asinine periphery, an ultraviolet fantasy for weak minds, nature has only a fleeting sufferance for the reversal of its involuntary movements. maxwell s demon is not just a mathematical proposition, it is alive and kicking in the beige strip malls, sweaty megaplexes, and vertiginous mini golf parks of class optimism. as the ordered penchant for division increases, paranoia proliferates a thousandfold, and in this constant state of implosion the laughably purposeful complexities of human machinery reveal themselves as a collective sublimation from matter organized under the sign of a smoking gun. adultnapper lays down a fresh original mix and mastermind alexi delano cleans and tightens the cut
Ransom Note
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