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2x12" Vinyl D 15.02.19
hunderte von herzen, manchmal schlagend, manchmal in harmonie singend, alle erstrecken sich über den horizont, jeder glücklich oder traurig in seinem oder ihrem viertel. quadrantes!
Broadcast 16
Radio Bongo
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12" Vinyl D 11.05.18
amidst destruction on the mainland, the two locomotives minør and pionér transported wagons full of rock and gravel to the icelandic seaside during the construction of the reykjavík harbour in 1913-1917. the two metallic giants ushered in a new age in iceland. however, soon after construction ceased the two trains were parked and have never driven&#8232,,,,,,since. minør is on display near the waterfront and pionér stands lifeless in an outdoor museum on a hill. they are the only trains ever to have graced the icelandic landscape. now they only serve to remind us of the grandeur of a bygone future. at the dawn of the 21st century again, tumultuous times we allow ourselves to dream of new minørs and pionérs capable of pulling the tremendous weight of the past strewn all around us and putting it towards constructing an ambitious future.
limited edition of 300 umbered copies.
Broadcast 15
Radio Bongo
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12" Vinyl lp D 15.03.18
les adventures de president bongo is a unique work that will reveal itself over the next seven years, give or take, in the form of 24 lp s. what is a groove? it is something that goes on and on, not changing much seemingly, like the growth rings exposed when you cut and fell a tree. it is no coincidence that tree rings resemble the spiral track of a record: they re both grooves of a sort.

a groove is a routine, a life lived. it may not always seem like much a cup of bitter coffee, another day spent under the flickering fluorescent lights of an office, an overly long queue at the check-out of a suffocating supermarket. but it is also the scent of slightly burnt meat and birch by a gently flowing stream under a pink sunset, a silver fog clearing without notice to expose a starry sky and its familiar twinkling constellations, an impenetrable smile on a crowded morning train. it is the pattern exposed on the tree stump. a proper groove has ups and downs, it has drama. a good groove is a good story, a transmission into the future.
Broadcast 14
Radio Bongo
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12" Vinyl lp + cd D 30.08.16
a few years ago i saw a documentary about the audio trickery employed in ww2. i was totally flabbergasted and soon absorbed anything i could find on the subject. artists and scientists alike cooked up incredible situations to fool the german army. inflatable tanks and trucks stacked with speakers projecting recordings of an imaginary reality were used to deceive and deviate the opponent. this odd scenario influenced me profoundly and drove me towards composing music that related these feelings. the project only collected dust inside my head until radio bongo heard of it and encouraged me to finish. sveinbjörn bjarki jónsson aka sonic deception
Broadcast 13
Radio Bongo
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12" Vinyl D 03.08.15
vinyl only. limited to 300! ive known roisin a long time now and it was such a pleasure to find out she was releasing new music. i asked and got the stems for the 2nd single exploitation sent to my bongomachine studios in berlin. the results are here on radio bongo for a limited vinyl release only!
Broadcast 12
Radio Bongo
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12" Vinyl D 07.04.15
a sizzlin hot remix of sisy eys : aint got nobody on vinyl plus a track called kid.
Broadcast 10
Radio Bongo
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12" Vinyl D 23.02.15
tesla tune is dedicated to the inventor nikola tesla. the piece emits sound from an alternating transformer.
broadcast 09
Radio Bongo
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12" Vinyl lp + cd D 16.11.12
that is attack, decay, sustain, release. the adsr envelope is just one type of envelope, but it is a popular one that has been used in electronic music for decades. attack is the period of time after the initial release, it is typically the loudest part of the sound decay is the phase while you are going from the attack to the sustain you are decaying the volume from this sharp initial phase to the normal volume phase sustain is the normal phase of the sound. it is typically less volume than the attack, and go on for an indefinite period of time, or for a specific amount of time release is the draw down from the sustain period to no sound. a fade out.
mini-lp release, cd version included.
broadcast 03
Radio Bongo
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12" Vinyl D 20.08.12
gluteus maximus come up with some great dancefloor work feat. mixes by kaspar björke & north beach.
Broadcast 02
Radio Bongo
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