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12" Vinyl UK 15.02.19
profound sound presents the various vol.1 featuring four tracks with there own individual atmosphere, owen jay s bipyramid stepping between the house and techno field, melchior sultana s paris keeping things deep, colkin and javonntte teaming up to deliver the stunning in my soul and deep88 goes old school acid with his u are a deaf man.
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Profound Sound
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12" Vinyl UK 11.06.18
melchior sultana is back on his own profound sound with another cascading celebration of sheer musicality and sunkissed dancefloor dreams for sunsets that never end. if -timeless- doesn t transport you to a balmy, carefree state of mind then you should probably see a doctor - every inch of yearning synth, guitar, bass and beat is tenderly engineered for pure escapism. -the message- has a similarly rich sound bank, but it adopts a duskier mood that ever so slightly edges towards the club instead of the terrace. -i m serious- skips past the peak of the night and beckons you straight through to the after party - equal parts seduction and wind down for dancers with the mediterranean sun in their soul.
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Profound Sound
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12" Vinyl UK 21.02.18
melchior sultana has not been short of labels to release on over the past few years, from deepartsounds and three fingers musique to minuendo and 12records, but here he can be found inaugurating the profound sound label with some of his trademark deep house tones. -feel this- is a shimmering, nocturnal groover with mystery to match its subtle funkiness, while the live edit of -give it to the moon- has an easier vibe about it with its lingering, warm pads and breezy swing. -treasures- shakes things up with a jazz funk twist, letting effervescent instrumentation flirt around the crooked house beat with stunning results and then the slow, sensual original version of -give it to the moon- cradles the remaining run time of the ep in a downtempo haze of easy beats and stirring vocals.
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Profound Sound
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