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12" Vinyl NL 15.05.17
mihkel kleis, man behind the ratkiller moniker, listens to music on the verge of human capacity. and from what he hears, he compiles top 500 end of year lists to his friends. big tip - incredible talent from talinn... do not sleep on this taped nightmare.. cult! comes with insert. limited pressing.
PB 016
Porridge Bullet
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7" Vinyl NL 05.09.14
ltd 7 inch
Porridge Bullet
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12" Vinyl NL 27.04.18
ltd to 300 - this is ajukaja’s – who now spends most of his time in woods on a semi-populated island – first solo recording for his own porridge bullet imprint. two night-tracks honouring the purple echos of linndrum. . this is ajukaja’s – who now spends most of his time in woods on a semi-populated island – first solo recording for his own porridge bullet imprint. two night-tracks honouring the purple echos of linndrum.
PB 020
Porridge Bullet
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12" Vinyl NL 22.09.17
exclusive title so what is it exactly that has locked me into this? which one is that magnetic hook? how many grooves are in this? simple questions, but those always lurk on our minds when we are alone with these four bombs on this ep. thousands of noises, peeps, beats, strums do also make us delirious. and think the mind behind this music tries to imagine a world before house and techno, while being actually well informed about those nasty styles. these exceptional works come from jimmy winkles slater, a guy running our favourite radio-show on this side of milky way greta cottage workshop with onlyz world is much happier place now.
PB 018
Porridge Bullet
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7" Vinyl NL 30.05.17
tapes at the control! superstar follows up his previous 12inch for the estonia s porridge bullets, this time with a collab project with tapes (jahtari, em, sextags, meeuw muzak) ltd pressing, cut reggae 45 style (large centre hole) big tip! a disconsolate love-cry of a man gripped with feelings of loss. emotions laid bare on a tender night-drive dub with tinkling synths, recalling the memories of an unearthly beauty.
PB 017
Porridge Bullet
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12" Vinyl UK 29.09.16
recorded in one take after a trip to the zoo last autumn, here is the first new track from the undisputed king of home-disco. superstar. check that b-side too. home recorded vocals straight from the heart, with the brooding braindance synths. tip for the boombox crew! limited edition. as hypnotic and floor-shaking as ever, keep on rocking keeps you on your toes through twists and turns, focused on a central mantra, it is what jamie principle s fathers lullaby might have sounded if had tried to put his son to sleep with his best impression of michael jackson and leroy burgess. the b-side is a powerhouse reimagining turned to a delightful 11 from the mysterious dj im sorry.
PB 013
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12" Vinyl UK 27.06.16
two tribute edits. early 80s russian drum machines running under some respectfully chopped up, scratchy west african winners. could almost be cold war onyeabor, whod have though it? ltd to 200 copies...tip!
PB 005
Porridge Bullet
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12" Vinyl NL 27.05.16
second in the bullets compilation series comes a selection of eerie dance music. 4 track ep. limited edition!
PB 012
Porridge Bullet
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12" Vinyl UK 11.01.16
my stepmother why you created me misery when i know that my mother is long dead. let me live a normal life!
PB 010
Porridge Bullet
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1991 - 1992 (LP)
12" Vinyl NL 16.07.15
hypnosaurus is a legendary and unclassifiable estonian techno act that proved to be very influential throughout its somewhat reclusive career. a great set with some real fire inside...some serious mindbenders on here. tip!
PB 011
Porridge Bullet
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12" Vinyl US 08.08.13
this is a piece of estonian underground musics history. more than 20 years ago, in estonia, hypnosaurus were pioneers of deep house and techno, the first ones to have gone with this new strange rhythmic music into the studio and into the dark basements of tallinn.the remix is by the strange and wonderful chicago producer hieroglyphic being. this is soul music of rusty funk-robots. for this remix he is said to have tried out new methods of dealing with sounds, switching them on and off.
Porridge Bullet
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