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12" NL 30.10.19
new release on subclubs nautiluss rising label!! classy stuff!
Nautilus Rising
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9576 EP
12" NL 19.09.18
sub club and nautilus rising present our fifth release, courtesy of love over entropy. four tracks tried and tested on our dance floor at 22 jamaica street by our beloved saturday night residents. influenced by train journeys, passing landscapes, hiking and over 20 years experience in the studio.
Nautilus Rising
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12" NL 20.11.17
alongside long-term dj partner harri, domenic cappello has been a sub club resident since 1994. he has released many records under many guises yet this is his first ep under his own name. 2017 also marks 30 years of sub club and it feels fitting for such two landmarks to dovetail as they have. the intruder ep is 3 brilliant tracks that come from a lifetime spent in music.
Nautilus Rising
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12" 02.02.17
epic building tracks full of tension by v. v the ungoogleable, anti-seo one-character pseudonym of someone previously known. they release their first full-length on nautilus rising, having previously appeared on the a side of a v / ripperton flip for fort romeau & ali tilletts cin cin. powered by percussion and basslines for the club. yet - with their strings, cinematic instrumentation and scale - theres a sombre dance to be done to these 3 french-titled electronic tracks.
Nautilus Rising
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12" NL 28.07.16
adventurous and fresh modern club tunes on this 2nd nautilus rising release, the label from the infamous subclub in glasgow. music is my the talented lazaros with a special nod to frankey & sandrino for the introduction. an ep inspired by forests, black coffee, beer and his native cologne - ge ep is a release ranging from illustrative and adventurous to peak time dancefloor tracks that are essential for dj s such as dixon and the likes. at points deeply routed in analogue sounds and at others, driven by an astrological palette. surprising debut release that shouldnt be overlooked. limited edition with special screenprinted artwork. one of those fine release one should own on vinyl. recommended!
Nautilus Rising
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timeless techno with soul, funk and energy on this new sub club label, nautilus rising! with 28 years of nurturing local dj talent and delivering quality music week in and week out to glasgows most clued up people, the sub club is proud to present to you their brand new record label, nautilus rising. fair to say its been a long time breaking the surface! for this inaugural nautilus rising ep, the sub club sticks with that tried and trusted subbie approach. nr001 presents 4 new tracks from 4 scottish producers. all quality tracks on this first release
Nautilus Rising
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