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12" Vinyl lp NL 04.05.18
indianizer was born in 2013, springing from the minds of psychonauts drawing inspiration from animal collective s wild frenzies and django django s tropical rhythms. following two self-produced eps (-pandas-, 2013 and -jungle beatnik-, 2014), their first full-length -neon hawaii- (edison box/pbp, 2015) was released in 2015. thanks to this debut album, chosen as one of the top 50 records of the year by noisey, the band toured italy and europe. -zenith- is the second full-length produced by the band together with edison box, musica altra and bordello a parigi which will be out on the 27th of march 2018: -a psychedelic texture, ancestral, made possible by vortical bass lines and cosmic patterns. an extraterrestrial cumbia in essence- (rolling stone).
Musica Altra
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.17
musica altra is a brand new label exploring the underground scene of world music. musica altra s first release is this ep by the (great) jazz saxophone improviser and experimenter gianni denitto, who s been travelling the globe performing and recording sounds in every state he visited. here is a preview of his upcoming album including a remix by the superb producer and music lover japan blues. close your eyes and let your journey begin.
Musica Altra
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