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we have a great collaboration album from unam zetineb and soolee distributed each original tracks and remixes. interpolate is produced by spanish techno producer unam zetineb which has chocking bass energy and gentle but harsh beats. another track tense is produced soolee, label head from south korea. it has highly tensed electric loops with pounding drum. each remixes are also showing different color of original mixes.
supported by developer, spencer, slam, bas mooy, joachim spieth, claudio prc, kr!z, secludes, subjected, flug and many more.
More Than Less Records
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12" NL 18.08.17
more than less, started from seoul, south korea, came back with 4th vinyl release “folka ep”, composed by joton, owner of newrhythmic records, based in north spain, leon. he is also part of more than less records, releasing “fragment ep” with soolee remixes in 2014. it had great success and been supported by many producers like surgeon, pacou, dvs1, invite, lakker, paul mac, samuli kemppi, unam zetineb, jeroen search and many more. “folka ep” has two new tracks, called “frontier” and “sendice”. these two tracks are remixed by japanese techno hero, dj nobu, and korean techno pioneer, soolee, again. the “folka ep” represents the conjunction of asianeuropean techno, which more than less has been pursuing. “frontier” has pure anlalog synth sounds with addicted melody line, based on rough sound textures. it’s obviously for the peak time of the dance floor. “sendice” has unique grooves which joton’s trademark and adding rhythmic loops gives numerous dance feelings. “frontier”, dj nobu remixed, gives hypnotic raw sounds and exotic feelings. it has subtle rhythmic factor and people can’t help moving their body. another remixer is, more than less records owner, soolee. it is 9 minute track, consisting with full of hypnotic sounds from the first to the end.
More Than Less Records
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MORE THAN LESS 001 / 002 / 003
12" NL 26.02.16
the first three releases from more than less for one special price!
More Than Less Records
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12" NL 09.10.15
2014, has been a great start for more than less records rising from seoul, south korea. our past releases are well supported by international underground techno djs and media. now we move into what the more than less sound is. datura dilema brings his talent to our label, his complexity regarding abstract electronica translates in this ep. variation of sound enhancements, elements coming and going from different distances imitating refraction of sound waves, mystical twisted high quality sounds that figure as bright spots.
supported from the black dog, josh wink, claudio prc, paula temple, samuli kemppi and many more.
More Than Less Records
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12" NL 03.11.14
we are very happy to announce joton for the first album of kickstarting more than less, (aka less n less) the finest underground techno label in south korea. joton is one of great techno producer used to work with many world-renowned producers like ben sims, oscar mulero, pacou, bas mooy, radal and many other. he made some serious tracks and a representative korean techno producer soolee has joined for the remix for joton.
More Than Less Records
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