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12" Vinyl D 21.01.19
m.e.r 002 parque rodó ep is the first release put out by santiago on his own label. his approach to music shapes and reflects much of m.e.r s musical imprint.
Montevideo Electric Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 18.05.18
nice price deal !!! m.e.r - montevideo electric recordings is an uruguayan record label named after its capital city, montevideo. supporting vinyl s cultural tradition, this was the chosen format for releasing the work of its artists. m.e.r sound found itself in constants evolution and mutation, merging latin groove and rhythm and it s african background with classic detroit sound generating a space where different cultures meet without being locked in one genre alone. through dj/live sets m.e.r artists deliver a strong commitment to spread club culture and techno/house heritage, with musical quality and a floor-oriented sound.
Montevideo Electric Recordings
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