Mexican Summer

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7" Vinyl UK 01.11.17
ariel pink sets a serene but complicated scene for the next chapter in his curious career with “another weekend,” the first solo material heard since the prog-pop opus pom pom. contrary to the lyrics of “another weekend” (and fortunately for both fanatics and the newly initiated), pink is neither too shy or humble to have brought his singular style of pop music beyond the bedroom for the befuddled masses over the past two decades, but returned to the formative, familiar setting to craft what will surely live as another shimmering moment in an unrivaled canon. encapsulating the lingering euphoria of a regrettable weekend over the edge, “another weekend” speaks in morose volumes while whispering sweetly, the dichotomy of pink’s pathos once again on display. backed with “ode to the goat (thank you)”, “another weekend” will be shared as a 7” single.
Mexican Summer
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2x12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
with zebra, the fourth arp longplayer, ny-based artist / producer / dj, alexis georgopoulos, has boldly stepped into vastly new musical territory – blurring the lines between electronic and acoustic, between the experimental impulse and the addictive pop sensibility. reaching across genres — colliding modern composition with post-pop structures, dub techniques and three-dimensional geometries — georgopoulos creates a delirious mélange of sound, spellbinding in its range. the 45rpm deluxe double vinyl includes a download code.
Mexican Summer
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12" Vinyl D 25.09.17
the album’s title makes a direct and heartfelt reference to a real-life l.a. musician, long presumed dead, who resurfaced online in 2007 after 35 reclusive years to pen his autobiography and tragic life story in a series of blogs and youtube tirades. “his book and life resonated with me to such a degree,” pink states, “that i felt a need to dedicate my latest record to him.”
Mexican Summer
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cd UK 10.10.12
Mexican Summer
Kemado Records
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