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12" Vinyl D 08.02.18
love & loops is back! after a long time since our last release, we returned with a very special and expected ep, this time ale castro joins the legendary voice of house music: mr. robert owens !!! i come to you ep was created between argentina and berlin the city where robert and ale meet for the first time. after forging a beautiful friendship they agreed to give back to the dance floor something that was missing, the message of love, in times where the music mostly has no voices and has excessive drops all time it s time to go back a bit to the roots, it s time to sing again all together about love, respect, peace, and celebrate that on the dance floor we are all one and we are all the same. beautiful arrangements by the galactic keyboard master stephanos result in 3 beautiful songs that together with an excellent remix of the secretary of love manuel sahagun make up this beautiful and groovey vinyl that you will not want to miss in your collection, love & loops records, music made with much much much much love, loops, and some random machines ...
Love Loops Records
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12" Vinyl D 06.10.17
love & loops is back ! after the 1st release the label commanded by ale castro returns to the ring. the 1st track of the vinyl belongs to the young argentine talent gruuv who drop a super groovy tune to start shaking the dance floor. then ale castro finally release his improvisation on the synthesizers, a classic of jackin house in his presentations, now available to the whole world. side b kick off with the very well-know german producer dotstripe, who continues the synthesizer madness with a full groovy track with vocals that remind his old school roots. last but not least, bs as deep delivers another sick tune with his classical house sound, perfectly to close this 2nd various artists, a bunch of tools for any kind of dance floor, music made with love, loops and some random machines.
Love Loops Records
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