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12" Vinyl NL 26.09.18
following hivers excellent ep, let recordings again welcomes american dj and producer jon hester to their imprint. currently based in berlin but with previous spells in chicago and minneapolis, he returns to the label for a second ep following 2017s communication ep, and other outings on the likes of rekids and dystopian. his adventurous drum programming and high speed techno style kicks things off with radiance, a manically melodic track that takes you on an energetic trip. impermanence is a deeper, more cinematic piece that features rueful pads but still a driving drum line, then stratospheric has huge, hammering kick drums and squelchy synth sounds as well as dancing keys that bring warmth, groove, and soul. last of all, this high class excursion is completed with horizon, delivering barreling drum patterns and edgy pads that trap you in suspense as it races on. all four tracks deliver a high impact techno sound that very much looks to the future.
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12" Vinyl NL 25.01.18
beautiful melodic driving techno by hiver. especially the title track stands out with a killer remix from jp enfant that adds some bottom weight and masculanity to the original! the italian pair of giuseppe albrizio and sergio caio recently released on belgium s curle label, and this ep confirms their talent. three original tracks ranging from driving techno to electro-tinged broken beat territory, with watery sound design, liquid keys and icy hi hats getting you into a trance. nice!!
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12" Vinyl NL 02.02.17
advanced deep driving techno from amsterdam! jp enfant s let recordings continues to slowly but surely build a fine reputation, and in fact his last ep on the label featured a track, sirens , which got used to great effect by daniel avery on his acclaimed dj kicks mix. now a fourth interesting ep on let recordings comes from shoal, who makes his first out on vinyl after a digital release on planet rhythm in october. utrecht based shoal aims to balance his techno sounds somewhere between rhythmic hypnosis and detailed soundscaping. he urges listeners to twitch out of their comfort zone and to really engage with his music. that is made all the more easy given that it is such inventive stuff. a powerful ep from this emerging new artist.
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12" Vinyl NL 28.07.16
deep advanced techno by jp enfant! three seductive sultry tracks and as cherry on top a brilliant remix from mojuba s don williams full of tension and playful grooves. recommended!
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12" Vinyl NL 11.02.16
let, the young but already assured label from the amsterdam based party crew presents their next release from close friend, robin kampschoer. he previously released music on studio soulrock and redevice, and it is hypnotic, deep and painstakingly produced stuff that makes maximum impact with minimum effort. his first productions for the label come with a remix from none other than detroit s luke hess. serene and blissful rollers that will take any dance floor to a higher mental plane.
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12" Vinyl NL 03.07.15
sophisticated deep and athmospheric techno by les enfants terribles. an extra fine release number one to start this fresh venture by dutch dj/producer jp enfant, who previously released on don williams s a.r.t.less label. these terrible kids all ready made name in their local scene and are now ready to step over the border. tip!
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12" Vinyl NL 27.04.17
new years deal - let recordings boss jp enfant returns to his own label for a third solo ep. the dutchman, who is a resident at de school in amsterdam, mixes up techno, breakbeat, ambient, dub and house into his own long and all consuming tracks, and on his latest ep he does that once more. spacious and elastic grooves aimed at the body and the floor. once again, this versatile and robust offering from jp enfant is another standout release on the young label
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