La Machina

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12" Vinyl D 14.02.20
enthralling soundscapes, sparse beats and a hazy piano - the new album from pianist, composer and improviser fabrizio rat.
La Machina
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12" Vinyl D 15.07.19
fabrizio rat starts his own techno label la machina. the label will be the platform for music oriented to the dancefloor as well as to the mind. the first release, the double bind ep, includes 4 tracks of uncompromising analog techno, labyrinthine sequences, hypnotic textures and banging beats mixing modular synths melodies, drum machines and acoustic piano sounds. on the b side, a phenakistoscope completes the experience, as the artwork animates when the record turns. hand and mechanism, oscillator and string, man and machine have rarely been so close.
La Machina
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