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12" Vinyl FR 23.07.18
kreattones fourth instalment is finally here and it is, of course, a blast! after jesse bru’s triumphant ep on our label, we ve changed the formula and went after the obscure talent of less known artists to put together a four-track various artists compilation. the goal was to offer a diversified record to our beloved followers, without disregarding the label s vision, and the truth is... we couldn’t be happier with the final result. andy book, the label owner, lazer mike, the wonder-kids and fragoso the perfectionist came up with their finest house cuts, both joyful and mental, that make this v.a. a rare gem.
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12" Vinyl FR 25.06.14
it is with great joy that we present the first kreattones release. for this first release we picked the talented robot love and his super sentimental track *geometry*. this track is a true masterpiece and reveals great attention to detail and construction, never forgetting the feeling and message. we count also with two outstanding remixes in our premiere. one by the unique john tejada, bringing back memories and transporting the listener into a whole new world, due to the gorgeous and complex melody that he created. and another by ben hoo, exploring the elements and turning the original track into a deep and hypnotic journey, full of content and emotion.
Kreattones Records
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12" Vinyl FR 29.04.19
kreattones is back with this fourth installment, featuring 3 originals from ortella and a remix from souko aka andy book & whitenoise.
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12" Vinyl FR 30.03.17
kreattones third release is here, and we are extremely proud and thrilled to present “day tripper” from the outrageously talented jesse bru. this four-track ep is a lesson on sampling, cutting and building, an aspect already acclaimed and recognized by all that had the chance to hear jesse s work (released on heart to heart, egoplanet, etc…). the opening track shares the ep title and clearly demonstrates mr. bru’s vision on deep-house, with elements coming and going, breaks and drops, all working in perfect harmony. “i want u” is a groundbreaking piece of art, filled with melancholy, heart-driven feelings and shivering whispers, resulting in a gorgeous love song. the first track on the b side, “they told me” is a uplifting tune, with clinic-cut sampling, powerful vocals and beautiful percussion. last but not least “remember how it used to be”, a groovy arrangement of pads and vocals topped with a killer bass, ideal for club use. considering that this one blew our scale, we hope you enjoy this record as much as we do.
strictly limited to 300 copies. no repress. artwork & design: andy book
Kreattones Records
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12" Vinyl FR 21.01.16
after the first release, with collaborations from john tejada and ben hoo, kreattones is back with the long awaited second issue.
kensuke fukushima is an established name in the music industry, with releases on wax in a handful of different labels. his astonishing work on “get in” proves that fukushima’s vision is wide and obeys no standards, resulting in this unique piece of music that we proudly present. besides the dub version from fukushima, this edition also counts with two remixes.
through the hands of andy book, the label owner, we receive this clubby interpretation, full of raw elements and fantastic twist in the melody of the original track. her joys, delivers a jazzy approach to fukushima’s track, making good use of acoustic percussion.
as in the first release, this one will be strictly limited to 300 copies. no repress.
Kreattones Records
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