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12" Vinyl UK 22.12.17
kin-ben label that is one of japanese techno label in ehime. western japan releases brand new 12 vinyl by ann who is a dj / producer in saijo. ehime. a side is a deep techno tune with his gradually amplifying tension and the gentle bass-line’s reiteration sympathizing with metallic sounds like as sharpening a katana. and b side is the remix by hironori takahashi. who is still a worldwide dj / producer in japan and has released from many awesome label as informa records and arts.
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12" Vinyl NL 17.04.15
3rd release from the japanese kin-ben label. fine and fragile techno from the east.
Kin-Ben Label
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12" Vinyl NL 17.04.15
the japanese kin-ben label offering a fine blend of some powerful techno tracks from a range of up and coming producers and some established japanese names such as akaaki itoh who has been around for a while and played in more then 20 countries/200 cities. ninja power techno!
Kin-Ben Label
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