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12" Vinyl UK 01.12.17
ltd 50% deal , last copies left ... italian production duo, mushrooms project, make their debut on jansen jardin with the wonderful >galattica<. releases for labels like under the shade and is it balearic? and remixes for the likes of tirk, lipservice and nang have introduced their blissed-out, mediterranean sound to fans around the world. galattica is 11 minutes and 45 seconds of high plains drifting, dream disco for late night drives and sunset sessions. a lush combination of euro disco arpeggios and west coast guitars spill out across a landscape of live percussion, bass and dub acrobatics. this is the soundtrack to a spaghetti western set in ibiza. a fistful of cervezas. the remix comes courtesy of the mighty chicago damn who has been responsible for some extraordinary music from his debut on mark es merc label to releases on claremont 56 and his own eponymous imprint. here he re-imagines the original track in the image of model 500, stripping away the music to a raw machine groove. dark, atmospheric and undeniably aimed at the floor.
Jansen Jardin
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12" Vinyl UK 22.12.11
Jansen Jardin Music
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12" Vinyl UK 15.06.11
nice price deal !!! following on from her acclaimed debut last year on jansen jardin, yuki suzuki and producer, max essa, return with another slab of far east magic entitled >we don?t have much time<. combining yukis sultry vocal with a very muscular, bass heavy groove, the track comes across like some pitched down (way down!) early 90s nyc garage classic. big, rolling drums push the track along while some glorious strings and piano make sure, as usual, jansen jardin have something for your mind, your body and your soul. on the flipside neville watson delivers one of his finest productions to date. pushing the tempo up and dubbing things out he provides a brilliant reworking which is already causing a fuss from tokyo to berlin. moody, emotional dance music for late nights and early mornings. one limited pressing - as before - first come, first served
Jansen Jardin
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12" Vinyl UK 02.03.11
minus yogis is the brainchild of the japanese motoyoshi donkey shimazaki, ex- tokyo policewoman, kimiko kawabe and englishman abroad, max essa.
>all tied up is propelled by a proper bass line, repetitive chord vamp and otherworldly percussion, minus yogis create a tracky groove before dropping a synth and strings combination. the remix comes courtesy of juju & jordash! the juju & jordash gospel mix of >all tied up< is the soundtrack to a very disorientating sermon at the church of deep house psychedelic drama. heavy, dubbed out music for heads.
Jansen Jardin Music
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