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12" Vinyl UK 16.11.17
potentially the love child of old dirty bastard and madlib..kenlo is an enigma not known to many, but soon to be a household alongside legends. already at the forefront of the long running montreal rap and beat scene with his alaclair crew, his wheeels ep charts into broken boogie funk territory for hot shotters worldwide! reminiscent of sa-ra outtakes but in a different looser direction, winter phonque starts of the ep full swinging and ready to knock out any sucker ducks who get in the way of the bboy circle! sur la rivere is a cheeky number to get any dance floor open and then the whole package is rounded off with future house vibes of woogie on! certified classic!
HS 011
Hot Shot Sounds
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2x12" Vinyl UK 30.08.16
played by roland the realest, born to shine records, henri le blanc
together melbourne pair amin payne and sean deans form apsd, and they debut in quite impressive form with this digital dust album for hot shot sounds. inkswel and benny badge s label has developed into the prime source for what they call -drum machine soul music- and apsd are a perfect fit. some 11 tracks deep, digital dust features contributions from the voice of fat freddy s drop himself, joe dukie, as well as miles bonny, cazeaux oslo, silent jay and more. yet it s deans and payne s innate mastery of a glistening brand of funk across various tempos which shines through on this album.
HS 009
Hot Shot Sounds
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12" Vinyl UK 01.11.16
there s an abundance of boogie-infused heat pouring out of freekwency s latest offering to keep you warm on those cold winter nights. ale chambers lays down a smooth, passionate vocal line on the title track before we get treated to some excellent alternative versions. the -first touch- mix is a buffed up jam that brings the electro funk into a leaner club-ready situation, while magic touch and luvraw work a tougher house thump underneath chambers vocal on the b-side. not content with making a peak time killer out of the original, the pairing also turn in a sublime ambient mix with the drums replaced by swirling, dubbed-out synth lines.
HS 010
Hot Shot Sounds
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12" Vinyl UK 15.09.15
hot shot sounds expand their remit with the launch of peddlin trax, a new houseorientated series to keep you riding all day and into the night. first up is the legend of amsterdam s house and hip-hop scene, the master kid sublime, anyone that follows his work on the dopeness galore label will agree this is a fine choice. real hipsters don t dance tees off in a kenny dope does b-boy house kind of vibe, whilst -that ringtone shit- is on more of a dog in the night tip. down below, both get high and one for ibiza are pure house bliss, the sort of cuts you love to slip in the mix, whilst kid sublime heads off into buttery beatdown boogie territory on closing track s.e.x.x.x. met jouwww. a strong start to the series.
HS 007
Hot Shot Sounds
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