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12" Vinyl D 14.12.17
reissue of this fascinating fusion album from haiti, recorded in 1983. tip! as the cover suggest this lp can be described as a meditative ramble along a tropical seafront. conceived with some of the most prominent hatian musicians (raoul denis jr, arius jospeh, oswald durand, jacques fatier) and his own brother joël, mushy widmaier s opus brings us to a deep spiritual wonderment where smooth jazz mingle with creole melancholy. note: remastered with phoenix mastering/comes with a insert in french english and japanese
GR 002
Granit Records
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12" Vinyl NL 13.01.17
this amazing still unheard monster album crosses many styles, from synth music merged with bel-air and gwo ka, cosmic reggae, electronic proto disco zouk and spacey jazz funk. the whole album is amazing and will please many collectors, way ahead on its time. big tip! french west indies continue to deliver some obscure gems and this one, after a long waiting in the dust and anonymity, resurfaces. this private press was originally conceived in 1982, in a context where many french carribean musicians were searching for their own style and fusing traditional heritage (gwo-ka, bel air, biguine) and synthetic music
GR 001
Granit Records
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