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12" 02.10.18
genau recordings introduces its second vinyl release by italian techno duo exilles, including an outstanding trippy remix from fabrizio lapiana.
Genau Records
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12" 27.02.18
this is the first vinyl release for genau recordings, a brand new independent techno label born in torino (italy) from the unfamous genau party series. four pure techno tracks signed under the collective artist name genau that put together the experiences of two local artists as gandalf and kessa and the already well known (production wise) duo noizyknobs (also active with their new project exilles). this ep is the result of one year of intense work from these four artists and it s the perfect synthesis of their ways to see techno music.the ep opens with pac-man, a dancefloor killer featuring a strong acid bassline and a paranoid modular synth on it. -genesi is the deepest of all tracks, and it s one of the first productions ever recorded by the genau team. side b features pressing plant, another dancefloor oriented techno track with a solid drums section and a driving bassline, while dont speak is a minimalistic bass orented dark tunnel.
Genau Recordings
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