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2x12" Vinyl UK 22.09.17
the founders of future nuggets are delivering their debut full lp as delusion men, marking the peak of almost a decade long conspiracy. ion d (utopus) and camil dumitrescu (aka the holy fix) have amassed on this album tracks and bits spreading over many years, raw gems and shiny nuggets resulted from intensive electronica fusions. ion d needs no introduction, contriving as a producer projects like steaua de mare and raze de soare, his oriental knowledge is in full presence on this lp, starting with the eponymous track -stuck on the border-. camil dumitrescu s fresh project the holy fix is already making waves, consacrating him as dub and -technodelia- expert. after the smash ep of delusion men in collaboration with khidja (on p-balans sub-label), this lp comes as another irrefutable proof of bucharest s already mature -partially under the radar- scene of electronic psychedelic hybrids, fittingly represented by future nuggets and p-balans. no fillers just killers, not to be missed!
FN 007
Future Nuggets
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7" Vinyl UK 21.12.16
by now future nuggets have surely been established as one of romanias leading exponents of leftfield electronic oddities, and they dont disappoint on the surprising delights of this new 7inch from renato din sala and ion din dorobanai. there s an eastern lilt to the vocals and melodies on both tracks, but they re framed by some wonderfully quirky synth parts and budget drum machines. nu e injoseala (n-am carti de credit) in particular capitalises on cranky monosynth squelch and organ wails, while i love you viata mea (lema) takes a more energetic approach and works some rhodes-like sounds into the mix.
FN 006
Future Nuggets
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10" Vinyl UK 19.08.16
played by : neuman (maddisco edits), agcp/dr cuts(plus seven), dj sofa, alan dente
plevna (an alias of horatiu serbanescu, long-time contriver at future nuggets and co-founder of steaua de mare) presents its first full ep. after incubating for almost 2 years while extracting and forging gems in the south-east space-time anomalies, the untraceable sound of plevna has reached the optimum balance between eighties delicate nostalgia and contemporary local oriental melody. bouncing on the delightfully twisted 9/8 groove, this is a unique contact with a multiverse under meticulous construction, an excursion abundant in haunting tunes and unfamiliar melancholy.
FN 005
Future Nuggets
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12" Vinyl UK 23.09.15
delusion men were here before time started to flow and it seems they will stretch out their existence way beyond doomsday which probably explains their archaic impulses reverberating in a foggy, lost future. what they deliver are pieces of straightforward punk plunged into disco depths, kraut derailment and swirling drum machine melancholia. if you are looking for retro-future dystopias with no space for healthy minded horizons, this is the thing for you. delusion men walked together since the inception of future nuggets, although for them the time will never come, we snatched their debut ep. it feels as if through them the old ones are channeling the last messages of hopelessness for dance floors and dining rooms.
FN 003
Future Nuggets
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12" Vinyl UK 20.07.15
raze de soare bears all the signifiers of future nuggets trademark -maneletronics- - taking cues from the bustling but traditional romanian l?ut?reasc? - the oriental motifs, the nostalgia and longing, mixed with 20th century electronics, a sort of psychedelic 70ties or 80ties chilled sound, starting off with dope bass and squeaky synth sounds. it could be made in the retromania of present day, as well as dug out from the vaults of romanian synth pop. - easterndaze
FN 002
Future Nuggets
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2x12" Vinyl, 140 g UK 02.04.15
after three years of irregular visibility but strong pulsations generated by steaua de mare and the great disclosure of rodion g.a., future nuggets unveils its second compilation sounds of the unheard from romania.
FN 001
Future Nuggets
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