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12" NL 09.07.21
compilation of the best tracks of mocko jumbies only two albums
FRB 010
Frederiksberg Records
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12" lp US 05.02.21
roots – a rare window on the progressive south african jazz scene of 1975 - reissued.
FRB 009
Frederiksberg Records
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12" lp US 05.11.20
reissue, ltd to 500, incl. book
FRB 008
Frederiksberg Records
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12" NL 31.07.20
reissue.. originaly released in 1984
FRB 007
Frederiksberg Records
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12" NL 01.03.18
this sought-after rarity presents a blend of ambient, new-age, 60s inspired folk music. the melancholic lyrics of singer-songwriter suzanne menzel are transformed by danish new-age pioneer, klaus schonnings, futuristic soundscape. schonning, not only produced goodbyes and beginnings, menzel also credits him as giving her the artistic courage to self-release her first and only album. goodbyes and beginnings sits at the cross-section of many genres. menzels voice is as timeless as her heartfelt, somber lyrics. while schonnings synthesizer, organ and rhythm computers offer a playful contrast. the beautiful tension between them creates a fresh, unique sound and makes goodbyes and beginnings hard to categorize even today.
FRB 005
Frederiksberg Records
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12" 07.09.17
official re-issue of bermudian disco record! 1000 copies initial pressing. big tip! in 1981, bermudian band paradise recorded sizzlin hot, a flawless album of original material in the disco, boogie and aor style. producer, writer and pianist grant williams formed several bands before becoming the fourth member of paradise, alongside bassist wincy woolridge, drummer ronnie lopes and singer june ventzos whose voice commands the album. for five years, the group regularly performed in hotels before hitting the local z.b.m. studios to record their sole album. sizzlin hot is inspired by the sound of earth, wind & fire. the album delivers several blistering tracks that could have been huge club anthems if the record had been promoted outside of bermuda. since bermuda is a fairly remote island, its no wonder that paradise remains virtually unknown to this day. it is all the more reason why this album stands-out and has universal appeal though it was only ever intended as a local thing as grant williams says.
FRB 004
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12" NL 07.09.17
official re-issue of danish electronic music from 1974! vinyl lp comes with booklet and limited to 500 copies - no repress. frederiksberg records announces the first re-issue of stoned which is exclusively licensed from the artist and has been carefully restored from the original master tapes. it comes with a booklet of liner notes by thomas knak. stoned by gunner møller pedersen is a pioneering partly-electronic composition from denmark. gunner believes that its musically out of category. it was created for a slide show with focus on sculptures by the late american photographer stuart fox. gunner self-released the record in minuscule numbers in 1974. the music on stoned has an original and meditative quality which transcends time and should appeal to today’s music lovers with a taste for something different.
FRB 003
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