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12" Vinyl UK 30.12.09
catalog number 004 on four roses recordings is yet another sublime release of the motor city drum ensemble. following the success of his first single for frr, breath control, danilo plessow this time brings us two quite unique tracks: the a side (sunsequence) being a dark, repetitive and haunting piece of post detroit techno which continuously builds layer upon layer, until it finally explodes: the pulsewave drones, jupiter chords and 808 patterns will cause maximum effect on the dancefloor. feel the love on the b side slows things down a little, but keeps the dark mood, adding some of that old school sample flavour to create a trippy afterhour track, that sounds different from anything you ve heard lately. ltd restock
Four Roses
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12" Vinyl D 20.11.09
after debuting on jamal moss seminal chicago imprint mathematics recordings in 2008, the second release of bocca grande is actually the first foreign artist contributing to four roses recordings
Four Roses 06
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12" Vinyl D 03.09.09
four roses recordings deliver another stunning release by sebastian gaiser under the classic flowers moniker. in the past hes been responsible for the mujaba releases and some yet unreleased collaborations with label colleague motor city drum ensemble. whichflower is a fascinating yet strange house groover moving from beep to bleep. using citations from way back, this one is spreading flowers across all sorts of dance floors. aclaime is finally making way for a weird approach towards minimalistic dance music, featuring a group of cimbalom virtuosos recorded on a recent journey through hungaria that makes it sound like a sunday trip to panoramabar. which flower would you be?
Four Roses
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