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12" Vinyl D 25.06.18
mehmet aslan returns to his own fleeting wax imprint, in order to deliver the first in a series of releases as part of a new project, ghost station, including a collaboration with fellow turkish singer, songwriter and vocal producer, idil mese.
Fleeting Wax
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12" Vinyl D 27.04.18
in recent times alex pletnev has been making his mark on the musical stratosphere with an array of works from from cold wave edits, through gorgeous adaptations of african and world music to tribal techno originals. he joins us as pletnev for aztec code / daywalker, a 12inch combining his abundant influences to take us to bizarre, far-off places.
Fleeting Wax
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12" Vinyl D 26.02.18
a familiar and reliable musical force, jonny cut his teeth behind the counter at phonica & blackmarket records during the 00s and has has proven his tastes time and time again with his disco hamam and hamam house imprints and releases on labels like cocktail damore and oye edits. this three-tracker rides middle eastern waves, reflecting mystical vibrations to take you through time and space. jonny delivers reworks of radio morocco, an italo tainted work out that rumbles and punches, housey mousey, an exquisitely eery acid house jam from 88 and yab yum, a wild and percussive trip. all three are sure to roar like thunder on the dance floor!
FW 005
Fleeting Wax
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12" Vinyl UK 20.10.17
mehmet aslan and miajica represent some of the finest operators in basel, and their fleeting wax label is on hand to represent what s good in the swiss scene and beyond. on this latest release they turn to eva geist, who has previously been spotted on macadam mambo and elestial sound with her beautiful mix of synths and vocals, striking a chord between noirish synth pop and heads down club music. -blumareciano- is a wonderfully seductive, slightly spooky stew of a track which san proper then injects with his usual freaky energy to make for a more uptempo party version. then geists begum stretches over the b-side in a bubbling blend of delayed voices, tribal percussion and general outernational surrealism.
FW 004
Fleeting Wax
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12" Vinyl UK 18.04.17
fleeting wax hits its third release with this bout of sinister, sleek disco for the darker dancefloor that finds bucharest-based duo valeriu borcos and eduard gabia getting remixed from a strong cast of characters. the ever prolific khidja is up first, turning -choose your colour gypsy dark- into a brooding, almost-rocking affair with an irresistible noirish tint to it. the label heads then get busy with a version that ups the arpeggios in a nod to italo amidst plenty of dubby fx, before mehmet aslan stretches out across the b-side with a more yearning version that lets a little light in on the situation. it s a diverse, potent bag of versions that do credit to the original while saying something new as well.
FW 003
Fleeting Wax
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12" Vinyl UK 20.10.16
gazel is one of those tunes that went viral from the very first minute. djs like baris k, ata or acid arab are still playin this tune since it was made in 2013. mehmet aslan and dario rohrbach finally managed to create with gazel this kind of tune that blows away every dance floor. the impact was not only on the dance floor. several threads on social media appeared with videos, desperately looking for the track id. but there were also the ones, that had to rip it of a set of baris k, so they can play it. the b-side goes definetly deeper when alma negra is able to make a tune you want to open your set. on this gem they combine northafrican folklore sounds with classic deephouse drumpatterns and trippy synths. fleeting wax has managed to put together some of the most promising artists of the hour, having dario rohrbach on board who is part of the alma negra collective and will hit this year with promising releases for example on yoruba. this release is going to find his way in many dj-bags and wont leave it so fast
FW 002
Fleeting Wax
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12" Vinyl UK 30.10.15
fleeting wax is a new label by basel djs mehmet aslan and miajica from alma negra, whose fame has spread far and beyond switzerland. the ep contains three striking edits from the reaches of what could be considered world disco in the widest sense of the word. its fair to say that this is the embodiment of a now familiar basel sound all sultry playfulness, turkish delights and sun drenched pop not pop. the first is tais schlager edit, built on a combo of hypnotic marimba-dreaming and that irresistibly sugary voice. istanbul digger dj fattish immerses himself into the singer-songwriter wealth of his country. and label co-owner miajica weds italian cantautore passion to the dancefloor. with its first release, fleeting wax clearly lives up to its romantic promise: unearthing forgotten relics and infusing sleeping beautys with new life.
FW 001
Fleeting Wax
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