Falling Apart

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12" Vinyl NL 02.03.18
recorded live in kreuzberg. fallingapart030.com
Falling Apart
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12" Vinyl NL 08.06.18
recorded live in kreuzberg. vinyl only.
Falling Apart
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12" Vinyl D 28.09.16
no light at the end of the tunnel. no helping hand to pull you out of the hole. no second chances. no god to cure this deadly disease. no heaven to save your soul after your final seconds... hope will hold on, but in the end, death shall claim it. all this, we understand a little more, day by day. we will experience our absolute zero, and the stages of life that come as close. we think that we will never recover and that we are not strong enough to fight against it. our immaculate, peaceful souls, that we begin our lives with, start to bleed, and slowly get torn into, bit by bit by the cold hard truth that breaks our protective walls. we learn to handle and accept this even as pieces of us shatter and die every time a little bit more inside us. to give light, we must endure burning. but what if everything we are able to burn is gone? there is no other way... we are falling apart a bit more, every day... dedicated to this state of mind.
Falling Apart
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