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12" Vinyl D 18.04.13
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12" Vinyl D 12.07.12
afriquas first f4t release msgs, is an exceptionally deep house track dusted in warm tape noise and that showcases an effective minimal pulse. the melody resonates long after the track ends, an instant classic after the first listen.
shinigami sans interpretation pushes msgs into the techno arena, deconstructing and rebuilding the track with walls of noise bound by ethereal instrumentation and cavernous echoes. dirty and intense, this leviathan of a track should only be dropped with perfect, purposeful timing.
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cd D 09.10.12
F4T Music
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cd D 18.05.12
F4T Music
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cd D 24.11.11
-introduction to zoology- is the first album of music composer and film editor bartosz cichonsky. the title of his album is certainly sarcastic and that is in fact a clue about how much offbeat it is. doctor in atmosphere for some, pytors signature sound
F4T Music
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cd UK 01.09.11
tunisia has never been a referent place in the electronic music world. it was better known for its beaches and sunny weather, hardly for its political regime but the events of 2011 brought quite some changes about that. these changes have been nurturing in the underground of the country until exploding to the face of the world, with fantastic momentums of rebellion, courage and union. shinigami sans album is a signal that emanates from the underground of tunisia: a hybrid of dubstep, techno and noise, very dark, but most importantly, very true. this is neither the sound of london or berlin, and if a couple of ingredients from here and there are recognizable in -toys-, it is most definitely the electronic sound of tunisia we bring to you here. from the dusty, 8-bit dubstep of -lofi- and -toys- to the dark techno rollers -post trauma- and -migra-, you will go by tribal beats, eerie atmospheres and heavily distorted sound textures. shinigami san draws a panorama that shows both impressive skills and style. -toys- is not only about excellent and true music, but also about original product design and diy manufacturing. this 450 digipack limited edition was hand-printed and crafted using silk screen printing, rulers and cutters. the graphic design is based on drawings from sabrina ben hadj ali, and each cd comes with 3 original prints on the theme of the album. today, we are up to put tunisia under the radar of electronic beat diggers, today, we bring you the first album of tunisian-born shinigami san: nothing cheesy here, just a raw, brutally honest vibe.
F4T Music
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cd D 04.03.11
nicholas couval is a music producer based in dijon, france. after 5 years of writing dub music reviews on dmute.net, he creates the isotroph entity to express his own conception of deep music. he focuses on creating soundscapes which can be classified as deep / dub techno and presents amazing abilities to sink the listener into his atmospheres reminding rhythm & sound, deadbeat, deepchord or the field. after the moonopens the ep and sets the vibe in: this ambient piece of music, built in 3 movements, suggests a deep and introspective journey to the listener. then comes biotopeand genese, both dub techno oriented tunes driven by healthy techy grooves and lush soundscapes. you shall instantly notice isotroph s distinct sound color which tints all 3 tunes and radiates with positive energy. this is the first f4tmusic release, a 300 limited edition. it comes numbered and packed in sleeves of our own design, silk-screen printed at the independent workshop la paperasserie
F4t Music
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